Historical and Cultural Values of Bergama, İzmir District

Bergama, the distinguished district of İzmir, deserves much more than its current location with its history and culture.
bergama is a district that was once more active in terms of tourism but could not realize its potential due to daily tours. yes, there are many tourists visiting but bergama is more than that. The values (as far as I can see) are from the past to the present:
unfortunately the altar of zeus and some other important works are exhibited in the pergamon museum in berlin, even having the steepest theater in the world is sufficient to visit this place. It is very rich with an extraordinary view, acoustically perfect theater, the temple of athena, other structures that are still standing or have been standing up recently. Even the tomb of the archaeologist who abducted the altar is here adds a special feature.
is the world's first psychotherapy center. The snake and chalice, the symbol of medicine, were taken from the stone relief here. The world psychotherapy congress is held here every year. It is a special place with its 4,500-seat theater, healing tunnels and holy water source.
kızıl avlu
This place, also known as the basilica, is one of the seven churches of the apocalypse. (see seven churches) The reason why it is called the red courtyard is that it was built with bricks carried from hand to hand from the stove 40 km away. it was originally based on the Roman period, on behalf of the Egyptian gods; It was later converted into a church. It is in the center of Bergama, near the Istiklal Square.
one of the most important cure centers of ancient times. With this important settlement, which was recently discovered, bergama is a complete health school, it is now fully established. The painful thing is that this historical area is sacrificed to an irrigation dam with a maximum life span of 50 years. our museum director and archaeologists were ready to work and showcase the finds, and the museum was enriched in this way, but the buildings are unfortunately not currently saved. There are suggestions like bury again.

osmanlı arastası
It is actually the most interesting region of Bergama. The buildings, which are dated to 400 years at the top, are an arena-style theater set in the middle of the colosseum-like plain in Rome, which is not seen in Anatolia at the bottom, as well as 25,000 people. (It could be 40,000, I forgot). To remove the underlying treasure, it is necessary to demolish the above treasure with current technology. Arasta was famous for its shops based on its streets. Once upon a time, shoemakers on one street, textiles on a street, etc.
selçuklu minaresi
It is a minaret located at the entrance of the Çukurbağ district, side by side with the Şadırvan mosque. Typical selçuklu with traces is a structure made of brick.

ulu cami
It is one of the first great mosques in Anatolia. When it comes to the grand mosque, the places surrounded by a rectangular architecture come to mind. this is one of the first places to be broken down from the church and turned into a mosque. wooden decorations are worth seeing.

kale mahallesi
It is located in the foothills of the acropolis. old rum structures are dominant. but its most important feature is the doors of these houses. architecture students from time to time came to come up with plans for these doors, I still do not know if these visits are being made. The ancient stones used in some buildings add a different beauty to the buildings (!).
paşa ılıcası
It is located in the allianoi area and it was established after the period of principalities. It was no longer irreversibly clogged because it began to be used in the mid-80s. it looks like it will be flooded already. is in the households of losses.
kleopatra kaplıcası
unfortunately, this is an irreversibly lost refuge because it is not used as a pasha spa. the detail is in the related title. is in the households of losses.
bergama müzesi
I'm not sure I know how much of this information, but in Bergama museum ethnography museum, the museum is the second after the one in ankara, turkey. While the finds from ancient times are exhibited in the main museum section, carpets, rugs, handicrafts, etc. items are covered in the ethnography section.
Yağcıbedir carpets
This village is famous for its carpets, rugs and various weavings. These weavings of bergama with root-dyed and local patterns are divided into two main patterns: "girl bergama" and "boy bergama". they do not easily discolor.

kozak plateau
Or this plateau, known only as a cone, was once the "only" pistachio pine forest in the world. however, it is necessary to qualify as the "biggest" pistachio pine forest lately. Kozak is the collective name of a residential area consisting of villages. Pistachio pine production, which has an important place in the food sector, is the main source of livelihood in the region. In addition, boll currant is grown. If you go here, it is necessary to try to find pistachio halva prepared by the villagers for them. During the rainy seasons, red pine mushroom * comes out, which is not enough to fry.

bergama overalls
Although sometimes it takes place on the shelves in big cities as İzmir overalls, Bergama overalls are separate. This cheese, previously fermented from raw milk, is first pressed into a jumpsuit and then into a tin. the hard, salty, porous one was once accepted. But since boiled milk standard was introduced, it has become more cheese like cheese. It is recommended that those who are on their way to Bergama take it.

gummy carnation roasted chickpeas
It is a coarse roasted chickpea, roasted hot and sprinkled with gum and ground cloves. 20 kinds of roasted chickpeas were made once. Today, only gummy and clove varieties are left, and sugar and salty ones.

a drink called spice. I've traveled a lot but I did not see this turkey is no outside Bergama. What is cinnamon, cloves, cardamom? It is a powder that consists of mixing a few spices. It is mixed with hot water and is indispensable for bergamas in winter days. the coward rush and the cones make this mixture but unfortunately they do not give the recipe.

clove gum bread
clove bread is made in many places, in fact, it is a widely consumed bread in the Aegean region. Gum is also added to the bergam and the surrounding districts (crumbs, menemen, etc.). When the covers were laid on minyet, flour was made so that the breads would not stick, and sesame seeds were sprinkled to give flavor, and some cloves and cloves were sprinkled. This material is now being added to its dough. therefore, the inside of the bread can have a wavy appearance, there is no need for panic. it is the color of clove.

Ramadan sausage
I have not seen it in other places in turkey, I even coincide outside kýnýk and Bergama. The walnuts are lined up on the rope, they are dipped in starchy slurry containing various flavors. Then it is hung on the showcase, especially during Ramadan, it is cut with scissors and the weight calculation is sold. It was fashionable to find coconuts in Bergama for years, and the candy shops in Kınık only find starch. Unfortunately, we did not come across many people this year. I hope the losses are not written in the digit.
gummy rose delight
Gum marshmallow and rose marshmallow are available in various places, but such as fingers, yellow (gummy) marshmallows on one side and pink (rose) marshmallows on one side are peculiar to Bergama. Especially, there is a variety called "shelled", some of whom are sick of this variety. It is a little hard on the outside, and when you almost bite it comes a slight snap.

international bergama kermes
The event, which started to be held in the first years of the republic, and has come to the present without interruption. Before 12 September, his international character was much more evident, he recommended a period, but then recovered. but I couldn't go for years. For the first time, I watched the giants such as sincere industry, enormous brother, Sezen Aksu, Barış Manço, Yıldırım Yıldırım Gürses and Idil Biret.
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