Ganzfeld: Is It Possible To Transfer Knowledge Outside The Five Senses? Experiment Seeking the Answer to the Question

A technique used to test whether subjects have a perception other than five senses. It is thought that subjects will become susceptible to extrasensory perception when the stimuli from the five sensory organs are reduced to a minimum.
ganzfeld: In German, "all area" means "all area". the receiver is in ganzfeld: sitting with five senses restricted

"Is it possible to transfer information outside of the five known senses?" It is an experiment to give clarity to the question. The procedure is as follows:

There are two rooms isolated from each other. two people are called one, which is called "receiver" and the other is called "donor". The transmitter should show the image and say "think it out loud". Meanwhile, the recipient is waiting partially free of his senses (a slight parasite with a puppet, a light red red light given after his eyes translucent transparent glasses).
At the end of the half hour, the recipient is offered four options and one is selected. Fortunately, although the chance of correct attachment is 25%, the subjects achieve a total success of 35% overall - which is many times higher than expected.

After that, a lot of psychologists loy loy, "there is an error in your experiment," he says. In 1982, a man called honorton is god of experiment. Attention is paid to all issues raised in this version, independent individuals register the experimental procedure, adjust the pictures on the computer so that it is absolutely random; the result is 34%.

There are other interesting correlations in honor's experiments. When you gather only the successful people into a group and repeat the experiment, the success rate is 43%. When they try it on a group of musicians / theater / dancers from julliard (one of the best art schools in the USA), the success rate rises to 50% as zonk.

Thirteen ganzfeld experiments have been conducted for fifteen years, and although the results are considerable, the validity of the procedure is the subject of debate and the scientists who do not consider the experiment reasonable / valid for various reasons.


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