Galaxy NGC 1316

We would like to tell you about the elliptical galaxy NGC 1316, which has 112 thousand light years ( km) from one end to the other.
Elliptical galaxies; These are giant structures filled with 8-10 billion-year-old aged stars, largely devoid of gas and dust, which are essential for new star formation. Our galaxy, Milky Way, is a galaxy that is similar in size to NGC 1316, yet has plenty of interstellar gas and dust, capable of sustaining star production for billions of years.

However, as you can see in the photo, this elliptical galaxy, 62 million light-years from us, has unusually obvious gas and dust. Therefore, new and young stars that join among the old stars continue to form in these gas clouds. According to astronomers, the gas owned by the galaxy must have been incorporated as a result of swallowing a neighboring galaxy rich in gas nearly 3 billion years ago. Thus, while the elliptical galaxy has grown even more, it has also acquired sufficient amount of gas necessary for new star formations.

As you can imagine, the photo was waiting for someone to come and work in the Hubble Heritage Archive, which was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and easily accessible to everyone. An amateur astronomer named Donald P. Waid has taken the photo by saying that I can contribute to science. Maybe you would also like to have a look at Donald's own little observatory by clicking here.


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