From a Professional Chef: How to Make Yogurt at Home?

How is natural yogurt made? Home-made yogurt fermentation? How are yogurt fermented tricks? Things to watch out for yogurt? We came with a content that answers all these questions.
Yogurt means milk. not too long a period of time sale of raw milk was banned in Turkey, but today there are still sales. (it has a controlled sale) which is actually forbidden; cold chain-free, i.e., uncooled and filled in a tube after obtaining and waiting between dangerous temperatures in hours (5-65 degrees).

I know we said yogurt, but first we need to clarify the milk business. The Turkish people, who stepped in their hearts as soon as they see the margarine, are still treating pasteurized milk and poop. But are open milk purchased bad? We do not know. Which cows were obtained under which conditions? If cows, what kind of cows? under what conditions was it brought to you? in fact, it can be purchased when attention is paid to the cold chain, but milk microorganisms grow logarithmic. when they are two they become four, when they are four they become eight. 20 minutes of summer, raw milk waiting for you outside contains high amount of very bad things. (yes, we welcome the food engineers.) Let's not buy milk from outside, but we don't trust companies that sell industrial yogurt. So we do it at home, but there are some questions we need to answer. Because things have changed a lot.

Some questions and answers about yogurt
well, why do we make yogurt at home?

because we love the taste of yogurt. we also need a probiotic.

What is a probiotic?

We now know that many health problems are caused by the digestive system. contained in the intestines in probiotics, beneficial to intestinal health; are also good and beneficial bacteria that help strengthen the immune system. we need lots of them. especially to children.

What is the benefit of probiotic yogurt?

It is important for your digestive system. If health problems such as indigestion, bloating, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea are experienced, it is necessary to consume probiotic yogurts containing beneficial bacteria regularly. there is also an immune job.

Isn't there a probiotic in the yogurt I bought from the market?

This is our topic. It is not possible to find enough probiotic bacteria as the natural result of the production technology in most of the yoghurts sold in the markets.

So what is it? not every yogurt contains the same amount of probiotic bacteria. Yoghurt, called stone, was not the best yogurt. The important thing is both taste and health, but health first.
let's make yogurt now
The best milk for making yogurt at home is the fresh milk bought by yourself. If we don't have this, pasteurized milk takes the second place. milk that writes milk on the market daily is pasteurized milk. We use pasteurized milk, as long-lasting (uht) milk is not the probiotics we need. we can not do it even though we want them.

If we come to the subject of yeast. Here, if we have an active yeast left over from the previous yogurt, we use it, otherwise we use our liquid yeast and powdered yeast yeast on the market shelves and optionally one activia probiotic shot. we cannot use ready-made yoghurts as yeast because those yoghurts are produced for you to open and eat. There is not as much probiotic as we want in the yeast you make with these yoghurts. At least ten hundred and one million probiotic bacteria must be present in grams in order to benefit our health.

we put our milk in the pot and burn it under low heat. here we have a temperature range to please and breathe the hearts of our bacteria. 43-46 degrees according to this little finger measurement unit. Our golden rule is that it doesn't dip our little finger into it and burn it for 10 seconds. Let those who say very stupid get a thermometer. as if we force our fingers.

If we have dry yeast, we do not pour it into a pot called lönnnk. first we need to activate the yeast. We preheat a glass of milk we bought from the pot and keep it in this glass for 15-20 minutes.
In the meantime, we add our yeast to our milk and mix it well. If you are in a crowded family, you can do it in a pot, but if you think I'm living alone, get small jars and fill the milk you mixed with yeast into these jars that you * preheat *. Cover something like cheesecloth or towel paper and fasten it with a rubber. do not close the cover. This is the place where you will bring material to Instagram.

Let's put our jars in the oven, which we set at 40-45 degrees and keep it there for about 2.3 hours. After taking it out of the oven, let's close the lids and put them in the refrigerator. it will become slightly darker over time.
Yoghurt event like stone depends on the dry matter ratio and fermentation status in milk. When we boil the milk we call dry matter too much, its water is flying and it is more dense. When bacteria start working with condensed milk, a darker yogurt is obtained. Yoghurts bought from outside are boiled to make it darker. Since buffalo milk is more dense than cow and goat milk, darker yogurt is obtained. Yoghurt obtained from buffalo milk is not reliable in our country. Cow milk is boiled with the label of "buffalo milk" or chemicals with starch content are added.

I try not to exceed 48 degrees in pasteurized milk, as the amount of probiotics is important to me. the yogurt in the above recipe will give you an average consistency.

now you know how to make conscious yogurt.
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