Documentary Showing What We Make The World As People With A Very Good Expression: Home

Normally I write long, but this time I will cut it short. There will be those who remember, in 2009, a documentary called "home" was broadcasted in 14 different languages at the same time in 80 countries of the world. The next day, this documentary, which was added to youtube again for the watchers to watch, was aiming to open our eyes by telling us what we made the world as people with both great camera techniques, unique music and poetic expression. this documentary had been a gundem all over the world and the viewers could not get rid of its influence for days. The philanthropist people who made the documentary later drowned in the awards.
this documentary is definitely among the top 5 documentaries I have watched in my life. Today, I watched YouTube again strangely and said I would share it for fugitives or forgetful people.


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