Description of medical terms that cause confusion in hospitals

For those who confuse the names of medical diseases, the separate description of the disease root and its supplements is here.
angio-> vessel; angio example
arth-> joint
cardi-> heart; cardiologist
cerebro-> brain
cephal-> head
cerv-> neck
chol-> bile
cost-> rib
encephal-> brain
hem-> blood; hemorrhage (bleeding)
hepat-> liver; for example hepatitis
hyster-> uterus; hysterectomy (reception of the priest)
lith-> stone
my-> muscle
neph-> kidney
opthalm-> eye
osteo-> bone
pneum-> lung
psycho-> spirit; psychiatry
pyo-> surgery
radi-> light; radiology model

a / an-… -without; analgesic (painkiller) example
acous- related; acoustic example
name-… adhesion to
alb-… white, pale; albino example
ante-… first
anti-… against; antibiotic example
bi-… both
bio-… life; like biology (life science)
chem-… chemical; chemotherapy, chemistry
co-… together
contra-… against
de-… decrease, below; such as dehydration
derm-… leather; such as dermatology (skin science)
dys-… bad, painful; dysentery (bad intestine)
ec-… external
em-… in
epi-… on, additional
hemi-… half
hyper-… on; hypertension (high blood pressure)
under hypo-…; like hypothermia (lowering of body temperature)
money-… on the side
peri-… around
pre-… first
retro-… behind
semi-… half
sub-… under
super-… on
trans-… passing through, on

-algia -> pain; analgesic (painkiller) example
-lysis -> thawing, melting; paralysis (paralysis)
-oid -> similar; android (humane) example
-osis -> status; for example tuberculosis (tuberculosis)
-penia -> decrease
-spasm -> involuntary contraction
-genic -> originates from
-level -> hernia, tumor
-emia -> blood; anemia (anemia)
-ectasis -> growth
-iasis -> formation
-itis -> inflammation; appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix)
-malacia -> softening
-megaly -> growth
-oma -> tumor
-osis -> disease, condition
-pathy -> disease; pathology (science of disease)
-ptosis -> drooping down
-rhexis -> tearing
-centesis -> needle insertion
-ectomy -> cut out; an appendicectomy (appendix removal surgery)
-desis -> binding
-pexy -> suspend, link
-plasty -> repair
-rhaphy -> sewing
-scopy -> review; endoscopy (internal examination)
-stomy -> drilling
-tomy -> incision
-tripsy -> scrunch
-lithotomy -> incision to remove stones
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