Delicious recipes related to oatmeal, one of the hardest foods to eat

An indispensable food source, especially for those who play sports, oatmeal is just as hard to eat. The authors listed the recipes that made oatmeal at least edible.
last year, we bought a packet and tried it with cold milk, and disliked it and threw the rest in the trash.
however, as of today, it is useful food.

It turns out that I didn't know how to beat it. I made a recipe with my research on the internet and it really fits my taste:


I mixed 1 tea glass of oatmeal, 2 tea glasses of milk, 1 tablespoon of drops of chocolate, and cook it on low heat for 10 minutes on the stove. As for the pudding consistency, I bought it and added a few slices of banana and 2 walnuts. I cooled a little in the fridge.

(I used the measurements halfway to taste it)
The easiest for bodybuilders is to consume it as a shake. inside a blender:

. 300-400 ml milk,
. 2-3 cups of oats,
. some walnuts, hazelnuts,
. 1 banana,
. 1 part protein powder, if any

You can mix them in the blender for 1 minute and drink them with pleasure. There is no oats.
what I eat every morning by preparing it as follows:

1. Place a large glass of milk in the microwave oven, set the microwave oven for 1 minute and start.
2. Oatmeal is poured into the bowl.
3. Raisins are sprinkled on it.
4. The walnut is broken on it.
5. Meanwhile, the warmed milk is taken from the microwave oven and poured into the bowl.
6. Oatmeal is allowed to suck hot milk and enter the shower.
7. When you get out of the shower, a little bit of cornflakes is added to the bowl to add crispness and flavor.
8. is mixed.
9. eaten with pleasure.
Food that made me lose 5 pounds in 1.5 months.

Let me explain how I use it; I ate a handful of oatmeal, a medium banana, a small can of skimmed milk instead of lunch. Let me tell you from the beginning, it is making gas very badly for the first week. you get used to it later.
A very, very useful food source that has an excellent relationship with bulgur, which is extremely delicious.

I didn't like oatmeal so much, I couldn't eat it with pleasure, taaaaa "What is your favorite food?" until they try the bulgur pilaf, which I will peel a whisker without thinking:

I prefer small brown bulgur for rice. First we roast the bulgur with a very, very little olive oil and pour the boiled water over it. right after that, we add oatmeal as much as bulgur and mix well. After waiting for it to cook, we cover the water as soon as it pulls out and we rest it very little. here is a perfect rice. I don't use salt, I just put a lot of chili in between.

and the next morning he has a perfect nutritious breakfast with yogurt.

In the last days, I put lots of walnuts in this duo during the roasting of the bulgur. the flavor that comes out at that time becomes saheser. I recommend it, definitely have it built, eat it ...
it can do wonders with some ingredients added for breakfast. both dieters can eat comfortably.

3 spoons of danone low-fat yogurt. (the reason for danone is the least amount of yogurt, in my opinion, the amount of salt)
2 spoons of oatmeal
1 tiny cut fruit. (should be chosen according to the season and sugar ratio. but my favorites are orange and peach)
1 teaspoon of flax seeds
1 teaspoon of honey (this has to be natural. Not glucose water. I prefer linden or thyme honey)

mix them and make them happy. you keep it full for hours and even eat lunch reluctantly, which is unusual for me. Eat reluctant to eat ??
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