Crows' Daily Life Tactics

Crows are more advanced in terms of both life time and intelligence compared to other animals. Dictionary writers talked about the surprising movements of crows.
The incredibly sweet and handsome bird that I have witnessed to eat the piece of bagel that he found in a puddle and softened it by wetting one side and then the other side. He was lifting his head on each piece of bagel, waiting for a while with a solemn effort.
Instead of throwing stale bread in the garbage, there are people who leave it on the street. they also leave water in a small plastic container. this crow animal is a really smart friend. He buys coarsely chopped stale bread and swallows it after dipping it into a bowl full of water. I rubbed my eyes to see if I saw it wrong ... yo yo, animal breads are wetting in water.
they are really much smarter than other birds. Let me support this with an incident that I observed last week: someone has dropped a french fries on the ground, and there are 8-10 pieces spread around. one of the pigeons (now the bird I'm comparing is a pigeon huh. it is obvious that there is a strainer from the animal's gaze, looking at you as you walk upside down and trying to go faster than you). When a small piece breaks, the roast will take off and go forward, ours will follow, and the roast will fly again. I do not exaggerate, 4-5 meters went after this one fry. At that moment a crow came, one by one, streaking 5-6 roasts parallel to his mouth and flew away. I can never forget the look of our bird head from behind the crow: "How good did yaw.hey my god. walla beele gathered. Where's mine, hah there!
yesterday morning, the crow who is walking on a quiet morning street to go to work early is a live crow that amazed him again.

I watched him rise to a suitable height and try to break down the nut that he threw down, in order to break the nut that was trapped between his beak. I also found the time and chance to witness a fight with two greedy crows that were waiting for "if walnuts broke, but immediately to the inside". I felt as if he spoke these scowls in his own language. in an ancient and old language that I cannot understand ...
when I look into my eyes, I understand why these noble beings are the subject of many mythologies, and the reason that they are the eyes and ears of the great god of the north. because these wise beings follow you as you can see when you manage to look in your eyes, know you, know you, in a way you will never understand. they know not only you, but the whole world that revolves around them, with a lot of secrets we don't know.
A super-intelligent bird, living in the form of a tribal, which I personally witnessed by heating the pieces of meat and bones he found out of the garbage in the metal place that came to the top of the lamp of the burning street lamp by turning it backwards.
resourceful wise bird.
Last spring we watched the scene attempt to save a trapped seagull in the water trough. It had failed and succeeded in twenty-five minutes.
It is comforting to see them all the time. Cute creatures. Nobody knows how to listen. It is also an example of nobility.
I'm throwing, think that the 19th century is among us.
One day, while walking on the road in July, I saw a crow in front of me about 500 meters put a walnut right on the track and put on the barriers next to it. At that moment I understood the purpose of the crow and passed over the walnut without changing the strip and broke the walnut. When I looked back in the rearview mirror, I saw that the crow went back and ate the cracked walnut. After seeing all these things, I decided to approach these birds with special respect.
A curious animal to ali cengiz games that cleverly cut off the rope so that it does not spoil its nest when it closes, so that the blinds, which only the nest of which it is made, do not break the nest when it is closed. It also fills its home with glowing, colorful, vibrant things. I even found my watch lost years ago. **


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