Can't We Really Touch Nothing?

We thought we were touching, but we really couldn't touch anything. Although this makes us a little upset, we leave the word to "ufuri" for the original subject.
What we call touching is actually bringing the electrons orbiting the atoms in the top layer of the skin of our fingertips closer to the electrons orbiting the atoms in the top layer of the bodies. Since electrons have the same sign (-), they will repel each other, but they will never touch each other.

No matter how much we press our fingers against an object, there will be an atomic level gap between the object and our fingers. the feeling we actually call touching is the mutual repulsive force of these electrons.

Likewise, there is a gap between us and the seat we are sitting in even though it is very very small. in fact, it is not the skin of the other person that we feel when we kiss or touch someone technically, but the thrust of the electrons in his skin. I don't know what we would feel like even if we really touched, since 99% of the atoms of us and the other of us are composed of space.

Fortunately, making love is good, beautiful, enjoyable, but we are actually very lonely.
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