Are plants on other planets also green?

We can assume that in star systems located outside the Solar System, there may be plant-like creatures that produce and feed energy with the light of the star on the planets that contain possible life. So would these plants also be green? In our article, we consider this issue.
These possible creatures will transform the light from the star into the energy they need through photosynthesis or a similar mechanism. Well, will the color of these plants be green then?
When its visible light is divided by a prism; decomposes into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy and purple, respectively.
It is a fact that the color of plants is directly related to the type and amount of light from its star. Therefore, the amount and type of radiation from the star that determines the "visible" color of the plant. As you know, the radiation from a star is a combination of many wavelengths. We can perceive a very small part of these wavelengths with our eyes and we call this part “visible light”.

In our world, while using the high energy red and blue spectrum of light coming from the Sun through chlorophylls found in plants, they do not use the lower energy green spectrum and reflect it to a large extent. Therefore, they appear green due to the low-energy green light that they “refuse”.
How about the black plants?
More differently, for example, on planets orbiting around low-luminous stars, plants have the possibility of being black or dark gray, not green. Because most of the radiation emitted by such small stars is in the infrared wavelength and the radiation they make in visible light wavelengths is relatively low. Therefore, plants on a possible planet around such a star may have to use all the small amount of light from their small stars, and therefore absorb all the incoming light and turn into a black color.

There may be different possibilities. For example, since a star with a high luminous power will emit much radiation at the ultraviolet wavelength, plants can reflect red light without using it at all. In this case, all the plants on that planet will be in red and shades.
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