An Overactive Galaxy: Centaurus A

This galaxy, which is 11 or 15 million light years away from us, radiates very strongly in radio wavelength as well as very fast and dense star formation.
The gas, drawn by the giant mass black hole in the center of the galaxy, which is also very rich in gas and dust, is rapidly rotating in its orbit around the black hole, and is being thrown away from both poles into space, tens of thousands of light years away. Meanwhile, the plasma gas, which gets very hot with the effect of magnetic fields and friction, makes a strong radiation in the radio wavelength. In the radio telescope image in the upper center of the image above, you can see this jet of "matter jetting".

All of these things are misleading you; Not to send the idea of ​​“a galaxy like hell”. Centaurus A is a place that is large and has hundreds of billions of stars, and is friendly like almost all galaxies in terms of hosting life. This overactivity at its center does not adversely affect the stars of the galaxy.

In the cover image above; the photo on the left is a detailed view of the dusty disc of the galaxy, which was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and can easily be distinguished from star formation regions and bright stars. The photo on the right is from an Australian amateur astronomer named Tim Carruthers and shows the overall appearance of the galaxy.
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