An important image in history: Kayışdağı

Nowadays, when it comes to "Kayışdağı", a greenness in the slight elevation in the distorted urbanization comes to mind, but this was not the case once.
kayitdagi was once home to one of the most known monasteries of the Byzantine empire, and served as a center where the prominent people of the palace put their summer mansions during the Ottoman empire.
Although it is one of the points that symbolize the "ugly face of the city" nowadays, it has a very different place from its current image in its lesser known history. its name in ancient times is skopa mountain. Later, it started to be mentioned with the name of Saint Auxentios, who was retired in the monastery on his skirt.
It is stated that the ruins of the monastery and the castle used in these ages were at the foot of the hill, in the area used as a tea garden until recently. There is no scientific research or excavation in the region yet.
Contrary to the maquis vegetation covering the hill, it is known to be covered with a dense forest of high trees, and the skate and skirts used as an important summer center in the past. The leading names of the palace have built kiosks in this region, which is renowned for its clean air, fascinating scenery and legendary springs.
At the same time, it is rumored that the Ottoman sultans also had hunting mansions and visited the mountain from time to time to hunt.


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