According to the Results of Scientific Studies: The Harms of Excess Social Media Use

According to the data compiled by the BBC, we convey an enlightening article about social media losses that have always been mentioned but nothing concrete has been revealed.
The results of scientific studies compiled by the BBC on the harm of social media can be horizon
- According to a study conducted in Austria in 2014, it was determined that people who use social media for 20 minutes are more unhappy than people who use internet for 20 minutes. it was estimated that this was because people knew that they were wasting time using social media.

According to the article published in the journal "Computer and Human Behavior", people using 7 or more social media platforms were found to show symptoms of anxiety disorder 3 times more than people using 2 or less social media platforms.

According to a BBC report, according to 2 studies, it was found that the source of the state of depression, unhappiness, feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness found in 700 students was the use of the internet and the symptoms became more severe as the amount of internet use increased.

- According to a study conducted on 1700 people in 2016, it was determined that the state of depression and anxiety disorder in people using social media was 3 times that of those who did not.

- According to the study conducted by analyzing the results of 43 scientific studies at the UK trent university, the excessive use of social media

relationship disorders,
academic failure,
it was determined to cause real-life disconnection.
- In a study conducted with 1000 facebook users in Switzerland, it was found that the reason why women participating in the study feel more miserable and insecure is that "those who share on Facebook always share their happiest and most beautiful".

- In a study conducted with 79 facebook users in 2013, researchers asked 79 users 5 times a day, "How do you feel? and how much facebook have you used since the last message. ” As a result of the study, it was revealed that as the use of facebook increased between 2 phones, the pleasure from life decreased.

- As a result of a study conducted at penn state university in 2016, it has been found that looking at photos of people who are mostly photoshopped reduces their self-esteem. It is claimed that a serious reason for the increase in the number of plastic surgeries by 20% in the last 10 years is the obsession with getting better in selfies.

- According to a study on 600 social media users, one out of three users were found to have a feeling of failure caused by jealousy.

- According to the article published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, according to the study conducted with the people who use social media over 7000 19-32 years old, the rate of people who use social media is more than twice as normal.

- In a study conducted in the UK on a national scale in 2017, it was found that people showing social media addiction are mostly young single women. it was also determined that these people were low educated, low income and selfless.
In some people, addiction has reached such dimensions that in 2014, a facebook addicted thief in America was caught by the police because he could not resist at home and entered Facebook.

ideal time chart to be spent on social media:
- He banned social media use at the University of Montfort in England for 5 days on campus and student dormitories on January 16, 2019, as it could harm the mental health of young people. It was determined by the university administration that their students were somewhat dependent.

- According to an article published in the world-famous science journal lancet, a sedentary life was found to be more harmful than smoking. Given that one out of every 3 children aged 15 in the UK uses social media for more than 6 hours, it is not difficult to guess that social media use is not only harmful to mental health but also to physical health.

- According to the news of bbc, as of October 2018, 259 people died while taking selfies between 2011-2017.

- According to the news of a newspaper published in America, one of the three divorce files in 2011 has the word facebook. According to divorce lawyers in America, facebook is seen as one of the biggest reasons for marriage to end.
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