A Thoughtful History Comparison: Alexander the Great or Genghishan?

Comparing two commanders who have similar aspects with their presence in the wide geographies and long-term influence in history may be a good practice of history.

Alexander the Great (356-323 BC)

he was a king boy. The aristocracy grew in his hands. He received a very good education. He was a student of (see: aristo). He always believed in himself, the desire to prove himself was always in it. he proved this before he was 22 years old. (see phalanx) and an army of macedonian cavalry. These were the main units of his army. the side units (see peltas) (see hoplites) ...

(see darius), while fighting since the Anatolian territory, usually the armored arm of the phalanx, the tortoise shell, and the longest spear of that period. In a group close to the middle, they proceeded to the enemy in a shape reminiscent of the shield line up in Rome, while defeating the very fast and agile macedonian cavalry by separating the enemy from their wings. Thus (see gaugamela war) was won by Alexander, with 40,000 macedonian forces against 200,000 darius armies. Alexander considered his empire a complete civilization. however, it was his weakness to see himself as a god, to feed him with old mythological epics. He died at a very young age. he would direct the war himself.

Genghis Khan (1162-1227)

cengizhan, the father of temuçin, was a simple oba head. then the Mongols lived in the form of tribes. The important thing was the tribe. there was no regular urbanization. so booty was always important, fighting was the mandatory law of life. whoever was more warrior survived that much. In fact, the simplest law of nature worked perfectly in the Mongolian steppes. Alexander's teacher could have been Aristotle, but Genghishan was a leader who even killed his own brother for his own law. He was so deeply passionate about his own beliefs. Unlike İskender, Cengizhan was defeated. As a child, his tribe has been plundered. the child became a slave at an early age. It was defeated as a child. moreover, his childhood blood friend (see camoka) has become a great tribe leader.

(see Mercury) kidnaps (see Börte). cengizhan asks camoka for help. They defeat the Mercury together. cengizhan stands out with his passion and hardness of war and he is supported by some mongolian warriors. cengizhan is based on the individual success of the soldiers and devotes himself to the Mongolian traditions more than anyone else. this impressive devotion gathers more Mongolian around it and camoka and cengizhan meet. cengizhan is defeated. that day he swears by saying "I swear in the name of the heavens, I will never be defeated again" and waits for the day of revenge. It is time for revenge for all the pain he has suffered. At a reformist angle, he approaches tribalism and manages to combine all mongolian tribes with monocracy. It is time to calculate with camoka and suffers a heavy bosom. it cannot be stopped after that day.
short anecdotes
Cengizhan was born with a handful of blood in his palm. "This was a prophecy of how much blood he will have in the future."

- Genghishan is thought to be a very tall and big-eyed, green-eyed one, although he does not have a specific description.

- By saying "it's easy if you know how to do it," he showed that he was a pro-modernization leader.

- Mongolian arrows and bows were much wider and more flexible. he could reach the enemy from a distance.

- Mongols could use their horses like their own body limbs.

- (see yam) post office system was established, communication had an important place in politics, and this was used genius in very remote spatial maneuvers.

- has broken the lineage of all the countries that have been stubborn with him, even though he shows mercy to the nations surrendering to him

- He valued his wife and cared about her support and vision (where is she now?).

Even if he was against him, he would have given the task to the good at his job. (see meritocracy) merit

- almost all punishments are death (see genghishan law)

- grandson kubilay khan first legalized the use of paper money as a gold representation.

- Mongolian empire is four times larger than the Alexander empire.

- created the Mongol empire, which reached the widest land borders in the world.

- Amil Khan, the last representative of the Genghishan family, was brought down by the Soviet in 1920.

- Cengizhan has a pokemon with the English name.
- while someone created a civilization from the beginning, the other was a master in destroying it.

- There is a possibility that Alexander was poisoning his wife. Cengizhan's wife Börte has been with Cengiz since childhood.

- While the conquests of İskenderer enriched the Middle East culture, while magnificent works have been written for Babylonians and later, most of the works that have been moved from İskender to date have been destroyed with the poverty of Cengizhan in the Middle East.

- With Alexander's father and friends, there were ghosts from the past around Alexander. however, Cengizhan had no one.

Although Alexander went on a campaign with commanders whose father served at the time, he managed the wars with his own military genius. cengizhan had his own commanders. (see subutay), (see: pocket)

"I am not afraid of the lion army whose sheep is the commander; I am afraid of the sheep army whose lion is the commander," Alexander said.

Cengizhan, on the other hand, "enters the war that a fool cannot win".

cengizhan never ate a philosopher living in the keg (see thug life).


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