A Scary Concept That Cannot Be Endured in Terms of Our Consciousness: A Dream

An article that will make you chill when you read about the dream.
dream; In terms of our level of consciousness, which is accepted as "standard", it is too scary to describe and tolerate.

such that We find it difficult to maintain our mental health with the effect of the experience we will experience, if we find ourselves in any of our dreams with an "everyday" state in which our consciousness is "clear" according to the criteria of world perception, which is accepted as "awake" according to the general medical evaluation criteria, and which is accepted by empirical methods as usual. In the event of a reasonable amount of time, we lose our ability to mentally judge in a "logical" manner, which we assume is keeping us from the "madness".

in other words; If you find yourself in an ordinary dream that you can still remember at the moment, because of the fear and terror you will feel, you will go crazy before you even fill your watch.

"There was a blind baby inside the wall, the genie mother was constantly crying." I am not talking about dreams that are opened with synopsis and which are found uncomfortable even after remembering. I am talking about the absurd dreams that you meet with Virtue Yenge and go to Nuriye's house, where you see sami uncle in one of the rooms, and that you learned that sami uncle opened a home office in this room and that she was a psychologist. If you find yourself in a world that is cut off from time and space while you are "awake", you cannot understand what is happening, you are afraid and go crazy.

There are certainly many signs for those who know how to think about dreams. when we analyze the concept of dream; We see that our perception of "reality" is based in our brain rather than our sensory organs, and our brain, which follows a chemical process independent of our will, can easily deceive us. there are those who directly connect the subject with the proposition "wisdom that is done", I do not want to mention their names because very curious people sue. however, the problem I want to draw attention to lies on an ontological ground and needs to be addressed by thought, not by dogmas.

immanuel kant says that almost all concepts and information are empirically recognized and evaluated, but they cannot be formed without fixed frameworks. You definitely need space and time, you cannot imagine what you have experienced without these a priori frameworks. You can't imagine a world where timelessness, spacelessness, 5n1k doesn't exist, or where the same process takes place in two places on the parallel plane. time, space must remain constant, so that we can get information and make sense of the process.
however, the dream turns all this upside down, takes us to a universe where we think we can never make sense. If we watched any of our dreams just like a movie as we see it, we would be extremely surprised, scared and had an indescribable discomfort throughout the dream. because the dream completely overrides our way of perceiving and interpreting the world. Moreover, what is happening in the dream has no significance in this matter. The simultaneous experience of the theme of "dreams and timelessness, the absence of linear time and the flow of consciousness, the place we live in the dream where we live" is also happening here, if we have experienced them, "we can not accept. in particular, the reason for the last experience is the fact that your brain fits with shameless effort. but you - the "audience" who cannot be sure exactly what it is, cannot draw its subjective boundaries - follows your brain and believes you know what it is doing throughout the dream. Indeed, dreams do not follow a fiction that can be followed by the perceptions of our world. When you talk to a figure in your dream, you establish a bond with the self of that figure, and you live with her memories. moreover, you realize that this is not just a journey in the past, you realize that it is your own, that someone else's present and someone else's past can be experienced simultaneously in your mind. this "awake" is a trilogy that is not possible for the world imagined by your state. The reflection of this situation in your dream is "If you do, you sent that horse." proves himself in his statement. This is the usual expression of a style frequently encountered in dream depictions. Many things in the dream are not conveyed to you in the usual way by oral or written methods, you already "know" it in all its details. Although nothing is spoken, you revive the entire story of the character in front of you with a single look and you will have knowledge of all the information about it.

The "fiction" in the dream is different from the successive events that take place on the time line flowing forward as we are accustomed to. In the dream, the process of the past and the present flow in parallel with the flow of the future. I'll give an example of this.

In addition to all these; In both characters and events, there is a strangeness that you do not pay attention to throughout your dream but you become aware the next day. Catching lines, plotting, strange silences, observing that "big events are happening" without witnessing big events are the outlines of this extra-experience flow.

The characters do not attempt to express themselves at length, they make a short sentence. they express the situation in a strange style when you are awake, and you listen to them and experience all the events in the background of what they say in their minds - with or without visual data.

Although the events seem to be going sequentially, it is possible to witness two separate events at the same time in two different places and experience this experience in a relatively single self and in a relatively single place.

your brain cannot make up from time to time; therefore there is a strange silence. Since your brain is not a very talented director about transitions, you suddenly find yourself on a completely different stage. however, your brain explains the basis of this new scene to your dream "consciousness", and suddenly unexpected events will never surprise you. because you "know" simultaneously with your ignorant audience location simultaneously.
Now, let's build an ordinary dream so that we can express the points we want to touch more clearly:

You are at Nuriye's house with Virtue Yenge. [You do not remember your meeting with Virtue Aunt, you cannot explain how and when you decided on the visit based on date and place. however, there are no missing moments in your memory. "You decided to visit, met and came there," even though you remember no moment. This information is apparent in your knowledge.] The decor of the house is based on the unconscious way that your subconscious stacks together the items it has identified on the right and on the left, and your teddy bear, which you did not take away as a child, stands on the window. see by chance that this is the showcase in a family friend's house. (do not say is there a window left) Nuriye "Do you have this showcase too?" you ask. He offers you sliced ​​biscuits on a plate [at that moment you know that he bought the biscuits from a grocery store near the house and sliced ​​them with a knife, "this is the treat for the guest, what are we going to give?" "When you ask about the showcase," this is the showcase of this country, everybody born in this land uses this showcase. What else should we do? another showcase. ha ha. " says. [You envision the state, trucks, and distribution process that distributes single-measure showcases to homes at the moment, without resorting to any visual image. Porters who carry neither a truck nor a showcase to the house come to life in your mind. the whole "story" is known to you without the use of a visual or a "word". "When you say" you "appear in the other room and you see the Sami Day. [he speaks nothing, but even though you do not communicate in a traditional way, you know that sami uncle is now working as a psychologist in this room, wants to laugh at the incoming customers because they are all very boring.]

The strangest part is that your feelings are called, not like real feelings, but by animating concepts in the mind. If a soul independent body could be real, it could feel the world exactly. In your dream, you see grief, not happy, and differently, a perception of the essence of the concepts appears in your self in its "real" form of life. whereas; As soon as the feeling of pain and panic comes out of the dream form and recursively into your perception, you wake up. there seems to be a safety lock that prevents you from going crazy.

Despite all this, our dream self adapts instantly to what is happening, adopts a design that our awake self cannot make sense of due to the absence of time-space-causality. While witnessing all this first hand, believing that the objective reality is hand-held and can be thrown out of the glass or edible "numen", admitting that the brain that builds such a world, relying on the not-sleeping state, reveals all the objective essence without any doubt. In other words, it is another expression of saying "oh, never mind".

Also: When I said that there is no time and place in the dream, I put some different meanings on the concepts. I tried to emphasize that the perception of place and time in the dream is not rigid as we can follow, but they become insignificant as non-linear, sometimes faint, intermittent pieces that appear and disappear in the background. Although it is impossible for gray matter to be out of nowhere and nowhere, it is a place where these frames are almost weakened and negligible by getting out of what we can define as experimentally as possible.

To the enthusiast: sami uncle, a real character, is 86 years old, and in his youth he was interested in the loading and distribution of molds produced in ice factories.
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