500-Year-Old Music Notes Performed in Excavation

500-year-old musical notes were found in archaeological excavations in a medieval monastery in Rennes, France.
Antiquities allow us to experience sounds that people have heard in the distant past, albeit very rarely.

But a team digging in Jacobins Medieval Monastery in Rennes, France, discovered a short piece of a song sung by the monks in the 16th century and managed to bring it to life.

The research team found several schist plates under the monastery's cafeteria, drawn by scraping, including caricatures of people, medieval versions of the athletic game and personal names.

Among these plates were the musical notes that archaeologists could identify immediately, thanks to the four lines and the notes on it. With the drawing on this plate, it was probably the musical notes representing a short melody of a sacred song.

"It is really hard to know what kind of song the notes record," said Gaƫtan Le Cloirec, who conducted excavations in the region from the National Research Institute of Archeology. says.

“It was probably a short religious song that a Dominican priest had scraped as exercise.”

You can turn on the video to hear how the ancient musician and soprano Dominique Fontaine sang the melody.


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