1976 Paris Wine Tasting

It turns out that once the French wine was not taken seriously ... It is an enjoyable story with both funny and serious cultural consequences.
1976 Paris wine tasting ... originally judgment of paris.

It is an event designed for a simple advertisement, but it has shaken the understanding of winemaking all over the world with the butterfly effect it has created and has provided the globalization of wine. When we enter a wine aisle today, if we come across a variety of new world wines, this is the tasting event.

When we look at the world in 1976, the French have an indisputable hegemony about wine. Wines, other than French wine, are defined as local, simple, table wines. Nobody is likely to change that, until the idea that comes to mind of a British who wants to advertise the boutique wine shop he opened in Paris.

Steven Spurrier is a family-loving English lover.
For the sake of settling in Paris and opening a small wine shop, Paris is a lover of French wine enough to acquire an environment with wine. but he has a problem. Whatever he does, things are not going as he wants in his shop. This blind tasting event, where French wines and foreign wines will be tested, comes to mind when looking for an idea to market its shop and advertise itself. but there is a problem that french wines are unrivaled, who will you compare to?

Apart from the old world wines of Spurrier, there are entrepreneurs trying to make good wine in the california napa valley. so he makes his decision on california wines.
he actually knows himself that french wines will come first by far. In this way, it seems to be a good way to make a reputation as a glorified French wine and to market its shop.

The first shock is the spurrier, who lives in napa valley while tasting wine for the competition. As a matter of fact, while waiting for simple, weak wines, every wine tasted turns out to be highly qualified and balanced. Americans' view of wine is also quite surprising. While the view of wine in France is quite traditional, attached to the old roots and almost sacred; Wine in the napa valley is nothing more than a drink to enjoy.

Spurrier chooses 6 bottles of chardonnay (white) he likes from napa valley and 6 bottles of cabernet sauvignon (red) to return to Paris. and he chooses French wines to compete with these wines. You will understand that the wines with a difference in price are competing.

When Paris announces the event to the wine nourishment, it first becomes a mockery. as a matter of fact, nobody takes california wines seriously in France, the needlessness of such a tasting activity is noticeable; however, the spurrier, who is rich in ancestor, is now paying for money or whatever he is doing, he convinces France's most cherished degustators, somelies and mehmet yalçıns to be jury in the event.

Although it informs many press organizations, the press does not take this tasting activity seriously. While only one time magazine writer, George Taber, was passing by, he was attending the event.
The bottles are numbered because the activity is in the form of a blind tasting. who does not know which bottle, where. The first mess is when tasting for white wine begins. The arrogant French degustators disagree about whether the wines they taste are French or California. george taber watches the jury with great pleasure from a corner with a note showing which tricks and wines are in his hand. because the wines that the jury called french are california, those wines they call not french are coming out french.

The scoring is done when the white wine tasting ends and the winner is by far the winner of the chateau montelena from napa valley. There is a big buzzing between the jury and the guests. takes discontent and goes away.

juri, who is much more careful when it comes to the red, this time confidently tasting that french wine will come first and bingo! The red one is also stag's leap wine cellars from napa valley.

Everyone attending the event, especially the steven spurrier, is experiencing a great shock.
george taber reports the results of his event in a small corner in time magazine.
whatever happens is after this news. An ordinary event for advertising makes a great impression in the world. folks flock to the winners of the competition, the price of chateau montelena and stag's leap wine cellars. Of course, marketing guru America does not miss this middle and it lubricates as it lubricates california wines.

The world wine hegemony of the French is breaking with an event and new world wines are starting to sell on a global scale.

only chilean, australian, argentina, japan, new zealand and even south african wine producers selling locally are encouraged and opened to the world after this event. America becomes the third largest wine exporter in the world.

The steven spurrier, who started all these chain of chain events, is suddenly an unwanted man in France. Even though he makes things worse for him on the road he goes to advertise my shop, he goes down in history as the man who changed the wine market in the world.

Next time, while buying a bottle of chile wine from supermarkets, try to advertise its small shop behind this process, please remember this pure English brother who brought us different flavors from different parts of the world.
Addition: forgetting, there was a movie about this event. (see bottle shock)
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