When and How Was Chemotherapy Discovered?

The history of chemotherapy, which is used for treatment using cancer drugs that affect cancer cells, dates back to the First and Second World War periods.
One of the scariest aspects of the trench fight during World War I was the yellow cloud gas called poison mustard gas. it prevented those exposed to gas from breathing and burning their eyes, and large blisters were formed on the skin exposed to gas.

scientists desperately tried to develop medicines for this terrible weapon of war. In this process, they discovered that the gas irreversibly damages the bone marrow of sick soldiers and stops the ability to produce blood cells. Despite the bad effects, this gave scientists an idea.
cancer cells and bone marrow have one thing in common: both are multiplying rapidly. In the 1930s, they injected compositions from mustard gas into the veins of cancer patients. they did various experiments to benefit more than harm.

Although this took quite a while, they discovered the first chemotherapy drugs in World War II.
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