The question of the epidemic again comes to mind: Is the Collapse of Capitalism Approaching?

"Is capitalism over?" Let's look at the question from an outbreak perspective.
The question is more or less like this
Hopes for the collapse of capitalism have reappeared years later due to a virus epidemic.

Interestingly, this issue has been remembered in the sour dictionary to the extent that one page is to be written every 3 years, and it has been frequently discussed as of March 2020. This has made the question of whether the minds will make an RNA virus for years, but has become the main theme of this issue now. If eh capitalism is a system, it is not surprising that the best way to bring it down is through a virus. Although karl marx's findings make sense, he and his followers must have been wrong about destruction, but charles darwin might be more forward-thinking than he himself knew. (see survival of fittest)

on the other hand, the only known and predictable god, the only legislative nature, and the ultimate compliance success determines the future of the species (evolution). anything else (including intelligence or revolution) is not decisive.
Let's start with a close view on capitalism
Capitalism does not collapse because capitalism has not been "discovered" in the last 200-300 years, as most people think. It has been around since the beginning of history. there was also socialism.

Go to the smallest groups of people in the hunter-gatherer society, where you see both capitalism and socialism together. The strongest and most beneficial hunters always eat the best place of the hunt, and they set the rules of the tribe. the hunter (that is, the producer) always had the right to speak. but to feed the rest of the tribe and ensure their survival, it was necessary to share what was produced with everyone. If we say that socialism is the total distribution of this production, 100% equality has never happened, but even our most primitive ancestors have set up all the "social environment" in which they live.

capitalism and socialism are a natural part of human nature and life. however, there has been "class differentiation" throughout the history, even in societies where all resources are unlimited and produce more than they normally need to consume. Someone has always come out to take over "management" and "control" and control social order.

So who are they? Of course, in parallel with the evolution, the strongest, the smartest, the most ambitious, the most deceitful, the most intrepid, the most brutal, that is, the most determined to survive and have power.

so even if billions of people around the world die because of the virus, the rest will still establish the same order. the rules that will set the evolutionary most ambitious or the most resourceful again. Whether it is personal capital or monetary capital in the sense you understand, whoever owns it (s) will still rule the rest. The viruses that he expects to collapse capitalism are even selfish and a capitalist actor who can survive by capturing and consuming someone else's cells. (Kapitalceptio's)

I suggest to those who want to try: Let's gather 50 people, the most enthusiast of socialism. Go with a million TL you collect and buy yourself a land. start production to live on it. Not so much 6 months later, let me know if you can still start fighting about "who will make the decisions" and still live without grudging each other, so I will participate.

The dream of socialism is very beautiful. If we all had a literally equal copy (physics + intelligence) of each other, it would work very well like robot etc. But there is evolution, and it is "innate" to want to be the ultimate governing power not only to nature or animals but also to humans.

Socialism goes to waste as a good idea, and capitalism makes it the main reality of life, whenever someone begins to think of being in power at the cost of eating others' rights. so we have to blame evolution, not capitalism. not human beings who set the rules of nature. it is the wet dream of only some of the creatures called human beings, which some people think they can change billions of years and destroy evolution within their average 60 years of life. What are you replacing? 5000 and even 50000 years ago, someone came out and said "revolution". Don't think that these "beautiful ideals" came to your mind first.

therefore capitalism neither collapses nor ends. Even though its current application is eliminated, it is changed to a different form. and unfortunately, in any application of capitalism, it cannot be successful in its own dynamics or in any other kind.

(that is, if you are not successful today, you will not be in the newcomer. Don't do too much, so)
A view that is distant to capitalism is as follows
I attribute the violent defense of capitalism to the love of power in our people. If a person or concept takes an important place in the organization, we anticipate that the situation will never change. strong, we always think strong. That's why politicians like Süleyman nobles are loved. That's why real madrid is so loved.

If we come to capitalism, it is certain that there is a blockage. therefore, I think it is clear that the world will extensively modify capitalism in the not too distant future. but it is definitely not going to happen within the framework of a hundred years of socialism / communism. It has been 30 years since the cold war ended, but the problems of the world are still discussed here.

capitalism has ruled the world for a long time. however, the problems, psychology and actors of 100 years ago were completely different. therefore, it will be decisive whether capitalism can respond to all this. For example, climate change ... a global problem such as climate change requires global action. On the other hand, let's say capitalism, or liberal democracy, can it provide such a common mind and sanction power, it is very difficult. united nations example. Moreover, climate change can be seen as a sin of capitalism with one side. how will conflict of interest be resolved here? Capitalism cannot solve the problem of climate change if it tends to preserve the status quo with the reflex of continuing its existence rather than taking the necessary measures within the framework of a common mind.

Let's come to another almost global problem, income injustice. Especially in recent years, people have come out on the streets due to income injustice, from Chile to France, from Lebanon to India, and in many other places. It is obvious that there is a global dissatisfaction in this regard. The wildcard is not so popular in vain. especially among younger generations, this situation shows itself clearly. Politicians such as bernie sanders, jeremy corbyn have been standing where they have been for years, and they have found a response in the younger generations during this period. this generation will probably be the most progressive generation ever seen. A natural break will occur after these people come to executive positions. however, it is impossible to determine the direction of this break.

There are also geopolitical issues. With the end of the cold war, the theses of "we have come to the end of history, won liberal democracy" have emerged. Naturally, a unipolar order emerged after the cold war. however, many things have changed over the past 30 years. Internet has entered our lives, China has emerged as a global power or something. however, all these changes did not clearly cause a break. The problems of the old world still seem like a pumpkin.

long story short, there will be things that capitalism cannot respond to, and these things will be the most important things in the global agenda. Today, even Elon Musk shares the view that capitalism cannot survive in this state. That's why I think twice when writing the cliché determinations on social media like "capitalism gets fucked like this, is so strong" over and over again.
What might be needed for change?
We know that social laws do not work like natural laws. Viruses, epidemics can bring the capitalist mode of production to a point of collapse, but we cannot say that, as a historical break, relations of production will change and communism or radical republican tendencies will arise.

historical breaks occur under the leadership of a conscious and organized working class. This is how all socialist revolutions in history took place. epidemics are one of the signs of capitalism inherent in capitalism such as hunger, war, insecurity, which are shown as a sign that the system is over. for example malaria epidemic; While the great October Revolution was taking place in 1917, it facilitated the Bolsheviks of war-weary soldiers at the front. but we cannot link the revolution to the malaria epidemic. While Russian capitalism was experiencing a deep crisis in itself, the intervention of the Bolsheviks with this organized crisis with an organized working class changed the relations of production in Russia in favor of the working class.

Today capitalism is over in theory and practice, but the working classes do not have a clear demand for the change of order or the idea of ​​a change of order cannot be organized. In order for socialist production to take the place of collapsed capitalism, class organization must first be ensured and the idea of ​​order change must become a social demand as a general accepted belief. turkey and worldwide demand today that the lack of a working-class organization and present. We do not live in the age of revolutions with a more concise expression, but we can restart the age of revolutions. because all the communist parties on a world scale exist for this.

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