The horrible incident in which the Japanese army massacred nearly 300,000 people: the Nanking Massacre

On December 4-13, 1937, Japanese soldiers in the Nanjing region of the Republic of China made their name terribly on the pages of history.
nankin massacre; The massacre in the city of nanking, which the Japanese imperial army captured during the Chinese invasion.

The Japanese advance, which started from the Manchurian region in 1931, continued to the gates of the nanking city in 1937. The city, crowded with Chinese escaping manchuria and the Japanese invasion in eastern China, could not resist much and surrendered to the Japanese on November 25, 1937.
the Japanese not only murdered young men, cops, city officials, whom they suspected of being soldiers for 6 weeks; They tortured the Chinese who they did not see as human beings. Among the officers, competitions of killing the prisoners as soon as possible, systematic rape and similar disgusting were documented by the German embassy in the city and found its place on the agenda of those days.
After the Second World War, with the defeat of the Japanese, 7 of the people who were shown to be the culprit of this massacre were executed by hanging, and the rest were saved by non-serious penalties. the Japanese still do not accept the existence of such an event. it is believed that more than 300,000 Chinese people were killed in the nanking city alone.
Another disgusting Japanese war crime as much as the nanking massacre is the events that occurred during the second world war at the japanese military research facility known as unit 731 in manchuria. This is a slaughterhouse where Chinese prisoners are cut and examined live for military medical research, and the criminals of this place have survived without paying much, just like those in nanking.
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