How did Stephen Hawking live up to 76 years of age when he was 21 years old?

Although people who are diagnosed with ALS disease usually have a few years of life after the diagnosis, patients who live for many years are not absent. Stephen Hawking, on the other hand, has struggled with this disease for years with a special care. So how? Dictionary writer told "respect".
you know now, stephen hawking was diagnosed at a young age with als disease. and that is why he was in a wheelchair and even worked through a special electronic device for communication. it was under full day care. People with als can usually live up to 2-3 years after diagnosis. s. Although hawking was diagnosed with als at the age of 21, he died at the age of 76.

but how is this possible?
Let's first get to know als disease a little: als is known as a motor nerve disease and there are more than one type of this disease. In addition, it was concluded that the disease was mostly unrelated to heredity in line with the researches.

Under this disease, where there is a serious loss of power, there is a system such as: we want to make a move, for this our muscles must be voluntarily contracted. In order to contract our muscles, two groups of nerves, which we call motor nerves, act. Stimulation arising from the related part of our brain for movement is first delivered to the spinal cord by group 1 motor nerves. other motor nerves there are stimulated. In this second group of nerves, we exit the spinal cord and go to the relevant muscle and move the muscle that we want to move. Now als comes in at exactly this point: we now know how important motor nerves are to move our muscles. If there is a destruction in these motor nerves, there is a loss of muscle muscle and partial or complete loss of power. This disease, which has different varieties, allows people to live 4-6 years, sometimes ten or twenty years from the beginning.
So how many people could live with this disease from 21 to 76, while many people could live for a few years, perhaps 15-20 years?
We can summarize this issue with the explanation of neuroscience professor and chief physician of the als center at the University of Pennsylvania, leo mccluskey: Actually, doctors had life until the age of 25 for Stephen Hawking. The life expectancy in this disease depends on two things: the first is the motor nerves that govern the breathing muscles. Accordingly, the common cause of death is respiratory failure. The second is malnutrition and fluid loss resulting from disruption of the swallowing muscles. if these two conditions are not seen in als disease, they may live much longer than the average. so this is not an impossible situation. leo mccluskey also described it as a very good example of protecting the non-motor parts of the brain of hawking as a possible cause for this condition. If the malnutrition and fluid loss problems that I have just mentioned are not experienced, he can live longer because he is a person, just like hawking. however, the progression of the disease in this way was very rare among patients with als. nevertheless it can be regarded as a promising development related to the disease.
Could we count these as the reasons that are positive, devoted to life, and have a life accompanied by special care, their hawking until the age of 76?

leo mccluskey says this is a mystery for this situation. so there is no definitive research result about it. As a result, the disease has a different course in each person and this can be the determining factor in the life span. One of these lucky people who have come to this age in a special and rare process in hawking.
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