Fighter Aircraft that the U.S. does not even sell to its closest allies: F-22 Raptor

The F-22 fighter is "one of the key components of the United States Global Offensive Task Force," according to the U.S. Air Force. We're looking.
The f-22 is the same size as the f-15, and is an American ghost-air superiority aircraft with obvious 1.5 times the f-16 or something. In the tender held in the late 80s or early 90s, it defeated f-23 and became the next generation fighter aircraft of the American air force. I guess he had his first flight back then. It was put into service at the end of 2005. Similar to the f-117, there is no two-man model and carries its ammunition in the compartments inside the body to prevent the radar profile, such as the f-117. Under the wing, like other normal aircraft, there are pylons for carrying loads (fuel, bombs, etc.). These birds, of which almost 150 million dollars, have no competitors for now. it can also carry ammunition suitable for air-to-ground laser-guided spot firing when required.
As an f-22 air superiority aircraft, its main task is to master the enemy airspace, that is to drop enemy aircraft. therefore, it is fast and maneuverable. For example, the superiority of f-35 10 years younger than him is as follows:

- speed of sound (1.5 mach)
- Can carry 2 layers of air to air missiles.
- flying higher (50k)
- 2 times more maneuverability thanks to thrust vectoring
The f-22 is a ubersonic fighter jet, also known as "raptor". The plane that has been designed especially for dogfight and looks unrivaled in this area for now. however, the plane has a problem at this point: it is unrivaled.

That is, after the Soviet Union broke up, the USA, which could not find an enemy in its own balance, has been dealing with terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda for the last 20 years, and this seems to continue in the coming years.

Americans who have not fought a war in their own land for the last 150 years, but especially with hollywood movies, the image of an enemy that will constantly occupy the country, waited for an enemy that would never come to the news by developing better weapons. However, guerrilla warfare replaced the dental-style front wars in the changing world. Aircraft like f-22 do not work against this new style invisible enemy that has no air force and hides its enemy with sudden raids that are completely hidden in caves, cell houses and target civilians. The necessity of such planes, whose R&D and production costs are measured in billions of dollars, is now being questioned by the American people who have met with crises in recent years.

In other words, while the short word f-22 is perfect, it is an unnecessary weapon developed against a non-enemy.
The f-22 has been in dogfighting in many places around the world (as of 2017), a plane that could not prevail outside the eurofighter typhoon, according to known reports. Maybe the dogfights he lost against the Russian planes may be hidden, we cannot know. The pentagon calculated the cost of producing raptors again in February 2017, and when they learned that it would explode to very salty, they seemed to give up. The f-35 lacks features that can fill raptors. the united states are thinking black to avoid losing air superiority.

Let me share something about the raptor: two Iranian F-4 aircraft in the Middle East are taking off against one of the American drones. A raptor pilot on a patrol flight alone takes positions under two f-4s, looks under the wings and checks for ammunition. Since the planes do not carry ammunition, they are chasing the planes only with maneuvers for removal. The funny thing is that the raptor pilot approaches them, goes under them and controls the weapons, while the f-4 pilots are chasing the drone unaware of the situation. From this incident, we can understand how advanced the stealth feature of the aircraft is.

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