Exactly What Is the Minimum Time Required to Quit Smoking?

A review of the controversial theme of the years that lays down and gives insight into Allen Carr's famous 3-day method.
Let us give preliminary information> Easy Way to Quit Smoking: It is a help book written by English writer and accountant Allen Carr. The book aims to help people quit smoking and to offer a number of different methods. It was first published in 1985.

Unfortunately, the promise of "the easiest way to quit allen carr smoking" method, which is a popular method, "your nicotine deficiency ends in 3 days, after this point, the rest is mentally related and the" life draw "triggered by routines is not true. on the contrary, the level of nicotine in your body nears zero at the end of 3 days and starts after this because the actual "craving" nicotine is gone. In addition to physical ones such as dizziness, insomnia, pain, mental ones increase, irritability / irritability, lack of attention, desire to eat and drink constantly.

So if you blame yourself and say, "Is that miraculous 72 hours passed, why do I feel like cigarettes are crazy? Is it my psychological addiction?" The difficulty level has to peak from day one.

So "How much is the real abandonment time?" If you say, this is a period that varies depending on the duration and intensity you drink, which cannot be calculated exactly, generally 3-6 months. In other words, this period should pass before the dopaminergic changes, oscillation and receptors created by nicotine in your brain to return to your old baseline, and the level of happiness, pleasure, motivation and focusing special for you before you receive any stimulants.

for total physical repair and recovery, the duration of the smoker's package year / 2 is mentioned. Packet year is considered as a medical measure, how many packs of cigarettes you smoke per day, how many years you have been smoking. so you drink 8 years and drink half a pack a day, which makes you 4 pack-years. This means that full recovery takes 2 years.
In the movie and in the bets of today's practitioners, this process is described as 3 days or misunderstood and transferred due to the 'nicotine monster' metaphor, in order to create an empty expectation to create a placebo effect. those who say "survive the first three days are easy," who are like urban legends, probably do not even know that this book / video is the first source of their suspicion.

The death of the "nicotine monster" in question means the end of nicotine in the body, not the closure of its deficit and nicotine hunger. Of course, it is more convincing and memorable to ask people to think that an imaginary beast would scratch you and think that they lost your enjoyment as nicotine was over, rather than explaining how neurotransmitters were released, how externally pleased substances changed this and why it caused 'hunger' to those substances. But in this case, we killed the monster and now the addiction part of the work is over, he thinks.

Moreover, all these years have passed all over the world, the follower of this method narrator makes a lot of expert speeches, for example, the speaker of the famous "I want to leave" film, emre Üstünçar directly; For 3 days, this monster will die, "physical addiction" will end, and it is still using the same false pattern, and it is naive to say that someone could not go out and google. Moreover, when the wording of any substance addiction was opened, I could not make sense of the so-called physical / psychological addiction mentioned.

In other words, I think the dopamine, nicotine and acetylcholine receptors and pathways in the brain are very physical structures and the psychological roller-coaster caused by them is actually physical (or rather chemical) infrastructure. hence, the working principles of these little friends decide how much pleasure one will experience and how much to re-motivate to repeat the action. You should not consider the decision making process that you call "psychological" a magic reality independent of biological and concrete mechanisms.

If we exclude these 3-day prophecy, the book offers a very successful method and there is a promising cognitive behavioral side.
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