With the help of a tree filter, toxic paints in water were separated

Engineers from the University of Maryland used wood to filter water. Liangbing Hu and colleagues from the Energy Research Center were able to remove nano particles from the tree and decompose the toxic paints from the water.
The team took a block from the linden tree and dipped it in the catalytic converters into the palladium metal used to separate the toxic substances from the exhaust. In this new filter, palladium is attached to the dye particles.

Natural channels in the tree allow the water and nutrients to circulate between the stem and the leaves, while the water does not allow them to take nano particles. The water, which is painted with methylene blue, slowly drains from the tree and finally becomes clear and colorless. Y This filter can be used in areas where waste water contains toxic paint particles, it says Amy Gong, a graduate student of the material sciences. The aim of the study was to show that the tree can be used to eliminate impurities. Uz We are working to separate heavy metals such as lead and copper from water using a wood filter. We also want to scale this technology for real-world industrial applications, gerçek said Prof. Dr. at the Energy Research Center at the University of Maryland. Liangbing Hu. Ğinden We've seen that tree trunks are really slightly twisted, connected to the pores, and that the water increases the contact time with the tree a little, ar he says of mechanical engineering. Siddhartha Das, the same team, before the tree battery and superconductor, leaf made of battery and transparent tree. The team continues to offer interesting innovative solutions for the use of the tree.


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