Why is the 'Girl with a pearl earring' table so valuable?

Why is the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer's masterpiece, Girl with a pearl earring, so important?
johannes vermeer's most famous, the most impressive painting is the girl with pearl earrings. they call it the mona lisa of the north.

In the most of the other paintings of vermeer, this is a painting that breaks the feeling of looking from the outside, feeling as if we know the other. ordinary an unusual picture that looks like ordinary.

drawing a woman, giving social rights to women, trying to give a place in the social order. an aristocrat / a spouse / nun, not a ordinary person by drawing, a table supporting the uprising of the people. and a table that attracts enough to make it a fascinating piece of art.

the table still stands in the netherlands today, in a small museum called mauritshuis.
The exact date of the work is not known. The painting, which was built in the 17th century, gained fame in the 20th century.

this is also known as the mona lisa of the north. The point of the escape of the picture is that the center creates pearl earrings. When the earring is considered to be perfectly pictured, it is noticed that it is made of tears and the reflection of the light is given successfully.

the detail is more intense in the picture that draws up to 2-3 paintings per year taking into account the painter's attention to the importance of details is a fold.


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