Why do we like some bad characters in movies and TV series better than good characters?

We love some bad characters more and more, and we have a psychological explanation.
As the narcissistic and paranoid attitude increases on a mass scale, the rate of abortion of the bad characters is increasing. even the main characters of many of the current series have narcissistic and sociopathic characteristics. the fact that the internet was the main communication area led to the most important social break after the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution can be seen as the first step of individualization. individualization is a trend that has implications for people, but it has brought with it some disadvantages. for example, the emergence of serial killers coincides with this period. there are serial killers before, but with the industrial revolution numbers are increasing. From the psychological ground, individualization meant that the child and the mother were more likely to be isolated, and the effects of the mother's possible pathology on the child were therefore larger.

collective life, the growing up of children by the extended family, was an advantage for the children of mothers with personality disorders, as the potential problems in the mother were buffered by the whole family.
it is known that many serial killers have a problematic relationship with their mother, and that mothers with solo and personality disorder raise their children without their fathers. sociological changes can have such interesting psychological effects. The fact that the internet is the main communication area also causes the individualization to progress towards isolation. People who love human contact, touch, body language as an important communication channel is a kind. non-verbal communication is gradually decreasing, so is the contact. even if everyone is in communication, certain channels of the genre are less used. eye contact is diminishing. Although there is a lot of information about everything on the internet, the information can be false, false, manipulative, people need less confidence in information and need confirmation. this environment of isolation and insecurity causes the paranoid attitude to be strengthened. Parenting and family structure on one hand are changing. fewer children, nuclear family, working parents, less eye contact and communication between children and parents (due to the increase in screen hours), competition among adults of competitive capitalist society through children, motivation of children not in terms of authenticity but superiority, different socio-economic the disintegration of the children of groups (private schools) is the ground for narcissistic tendencies and a powerful alienation.
I see armed attacks in schools in the regions where isolation is strong, increasing peer bullying as a result of this break. cinema, literature and music cannot be evaluated independently of the social structure. no longer the characters that people emulate, no matter what their power holds because this is the basic thing that is important in today's world. As a result, falconetti was a publicly hated bad in the early eighties, and now Frank Frank is watching with admiration.


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