Why ancient civilizations such as Aztec and Incan disappeared with the discovery of the Americas?

When Christopher Columbus set foot in the Caribbean thinking he was going to India, it was 1492. This discovery of the American continent was not good for the indigenous people and civilizations of the rate.
America's discovery is a groundbreaking event in the history of the world
The continent of America (with its south and north) is separated from the major oceans, Eurasia and Africa, which are intertwined and live with each other. The arrival of the people to the continent was realized thanks to the fact that the bering throat was closed during the last ice age of 40000 years ago, with the end of the ice age.

The vikings, which were found to be located on the north of the continent, in the present nova scotia and new foundland regions, from Iceland and Greenland, and for some time, have abandoned the changing climate during the small ice age of the 1300s.
The importance of 1492 is that it is the starting point for the first time that Eurasia / african civilization settles permanently on the American continent.
Although Europeans had to be isolated, isolated from the rest of the world, that they had to invent and invent all the technologies in the old world, they came up with aztec and sublime civilizations that came to dazzling levels of civilization. on the other hand, no matter how advanced they were, they were able to destroy these civilizations in a short time.
The biggest disadvantage of the American civilizations was of course the fact that the majority of the world's population lived and got their head off in technology, and that they were isolated from each other in a continuous interaction with each other. even the north and south of the continent were separated from each other by an impenetrable tropical jungle (panama and its surroundings) and the sea mass, and this was even largely hindered by the interactions between the american civilizations.
apart from this, america lacked some species of animals and plant species who had played a very critical role in the development of Eurasian / african civilizations due to their detachment from the rest of the world. they were cows, sheep, horses, donkeys, wheat, barley, rice. Since there were no species to substitute their fauna and flora with full yield, the unit had to use much more human energy to produce food energy, limiting the energy it could divide into other jobs that could improve civilization faster. They had a corn plant, a grain of energy, whose energy was intense.
another critical defect was the lack of iron mines. this meant that there was no steel technology to use in defense against white men from distant lands, both in agriculture, hunting, craft, and protective armor.
The worst part of being isolated from the rest of the world alone was none of this
the worst part was that the Eurasian / African peoples were vulnerable to all diseases they were immune to, so that the actual mass deaths were experienced.
for the name given to the exchange of many species of animals, plants and diseases between europe and america (see columbian exchange)


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