Why Alzheimer's Patients Lose Feelings of Direction?

Scientists have found the cause of Alzheimer's patients' loss of orientation. Scientists from the Columbia University Medical Center in the United States found for the first time a reduction in their ability to find directions, leading to the accumulation of the tau protein in the brain.
Scientists, the brain accumulation of the protein in question, 3 of the 5 Alzheimer's patients, memory and damage caused by the loss of direction due to the loss of the way that caused the loss, he said. Scientists who state that the disappearance is one of the first symptoms of the disease, stressed that research results can shed light on the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's by examining the brain images of the elderly. Research on mice found that tau protein inhibited the functioning of nerve cells in the entorhinal cortex, one of the regions responsible for locating the brain.

Tau Protein It was found that mice with higher tau protein levels in the brain were less successful than the orientation test. The results indicate that there is a new hope in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, the cells damaged by the brain stimulation or light therapy can be re-enabled with the help of the scientists emphasized. Aren Duff, for the first time in the protein and the ability to find a link between the direction of the reduction drew attention. Duff, direction-finding tests and MR images, the disease can provide the diagnosis of the early stages of attention. The scientist said that the test could be done to everyone in the risk group, as well as to everyone over the age of 65. The results of the study were published in the journal ’Neuron on .


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