Who will be the leader in artificial intelligence?

The world of artificial intelligence when talking and looking at the investments so far is recognized that the United States is the leading country in the moment. One of the main foundations of this field, as in many areas of technology in the field of artificial intelligence, the main scientific approaches to come out of this geography, the establishment of a large number of initiatives here, the US technology and internet giants into the field of artificial intelligence can be considered many reasons.
China continues to work intensively to close the gap quickly. The internet and technology giants in the country are carrying out serious work in the field of artificial intelligence. The Chinese state is already pointing to the year 2030 for leadership in artificial intelligence. The competition between the USA and China in the field of artificial intelligence continues to grow. Considering the leadership of these two countries, countries such as the EU countries, Canada and Japan also follow. It is also acknowledged that Britain is a little bit ahead of other countries.

China is collecting its citizens' data clearly and with great coldness. Thanks to this vast knowledge of machine development, China is advancing towards leadership in artificial intelligence studies in the world. The demand for data owners to be in control of the data increases gradually in western consumers, while Chinese consumers remain in the audience to create the most advanced economic model of the world, powered by machine learning.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) estimates that by 2030, artificial intelligence is expected to add $ 15.7 trillion to the global economy. It is estimated that half of this figure will be added to China and less than a quarter to the US.
Artificial intelligence is a candidate to transform the places where we live. The Chinese government is also building a smart city. It is expected that 380 billion dollars will be spent for the construction of the city, which will house 3 million people. An infrastructure for data collection in the city will be used and on the roads there will be completely driverless vehicles.
A super highway will be built for driverless vehicles and will go 30 percent faster than the average speed of regular cars. However, deaths in traffic accidents are expected to drop significantly. Another project China is working on is SharpEyes. Thanks to this project, all live broadcasting cameras in the country will be able to detect the crimes and irregularities in instant communication.
These systems will be extended to villages. In some pilot areas, there has already been a significant reduction in crime rates. In line with these developments, China is likely to exceed the United States in the near-term in the field of artificial intelligence.

Source: poxox tech


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