What you need to know about Introverts who don't want to spend their energy on empty topics

Although introvert's dictionary meaning is introverted, there are several reasons for this introversion. Let's look a little closer through the dictionary writers to the introvert concept, which is often confused with the asocial. Who knows, maybe you can even see yourself soon.
In addition to its general use, it is also used in psychology to describe people who are not self-contained, but who take energy from themselves.
for example, getting tired of people is a situation seen in introverts. they work more efficiently when they are alone, they get less tired. When they are together with people for a long time, they get tired faster.

it doesn't mean that they don't like to meet people. they can be very social, but this sociality makes them more tired than extroverts.
Are you one of those who need to spend a few hours alone each day?
Do you like to talk in depth subjects and you can give lectures in big assemblies on a subject you have knowledge of, but would you like to have stutterers or patties in the pleasant five?
Are you among the ones who should spend the rest of the day to come to yourself when you go to a party?
nice people trying to dialogue with you to be a person to sugar sugar from bottom to bottom?
so you are also an "introvert" ..
You are not anonymous, you are not an antisocial, you are not at all. you don't talk about the subject that doesn't interest you. It is not easy to involve you in a conversation.
a group of people who are a little unclear in the world where everyone is expected to be the leader, teamwork and popular. No, they are not asocial as mentioned before, they are not unique. they like to “listen to themselves lar in the chaotic flow of life. they feel unhappy and depressed if they get too close to this flow. It was a little late to perceive this way as the introvert side was more dominant.
the situation is shown to be a little more extroverted, for example, because it is felt that it must be in business, in school and in private life. so in case there is no error in the situation, it is inevitable that you may question yourself if there is a problem or call yourself boring.
in fact, it is best not to think of yourself as compelling to follow certain patterns and not to be introverted.
There is no account of the fights I've had for not understanding. people do not understand that we are losing energy in social environments. the people who laugh, make laughs, and make jokes last night in the room the next day, the need to read books and the same energy is not a well-known psychological reason why people do not understand why people do not understand.
We're not shy, we're not cool, we don't like going out. If we sit on the sidelines and do our own work, it's not because we don't want to talk to you, or because we're too frustrated about something, but we're "charging" our energy. Please don't ask questions like "Why are you so quiet?" Although we appreciate your good intentions, this approach does nothing other than make it bad.
So in short:


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