What should be done if milk teeth decay?

Emphasizing the need to treat the decaying teeth of your baby, physicians emphasize that the treatment of milk teeth is more important. Some parents leave babies with these bruises thinking that milk teeth are not permanent, which is quite wrong. Milk teeth are the tooth foundations of your baby's advanced age. For this reason, milk teeth need continuous care.
Milk teeth are the first teeth to protect the jaw structure of babies, this natural falls are seen when the teeth are healthy; but the bruised teeth will cause them to be faced with deformities that will arise in the future. For caries, you should consult a physician, many mothers and fathers don't care about milk teeth at this age; but after 3 years of age, you should start looking for a dentist to take your baby. 

Early intervention in babies with regular controls will be highly effective in dental and oral health. Children rotting milk teeth, mouth, chin attracts attention in different diseases such as. Because of the bruises you don't even realize, babies don't want to eat by eating difficulties, or because they don't chew well, they live on the digestive walls. All the milk teeth formed by fever, pain,
In children with healthy milk teeth, it should be the teeth that continue to function in the mouth until 10 years old; well-cared and untouched milk teeth before the age of this age can be due to caries due to the loss of many problems at this age to warn parents and fathers. If milk teeth are lost due to bruises, this causes the child to have a tooth structure that is buried and does not come out. In addition to this, the mouth structure can be seen with distorted, visual jaw shifts. In order to prevent the bruising of milk teeth, you need to be a parent and father. You should introduce our children at the age of 3 with a dentist and have them checked regularly. You have to do the tooth brushing habits correctly and recommend to do it continuously.
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