What is Scilla Maritima ? What are the benefits? What good is it?

(Scilla Maritima) is a variety of lily plants. It is located in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. It is a herbaceous plant which grows in sandy and arid places and has long, lanceolate leaves with long, lanceolate leaves. The island also has a red variety. (Scilla Maritima) is bitter and poisonous. The red eater is more poisonous. Not used when fresh. Otherwise it may cause to get poisoned and to vomit. The meaty portion of the onion is sliced ​​and dried. Then, it is pelted and pulverized. Home remedies should be used with extreme caution. Scilla Maritima regulates circulation by strengthening the heart, removes shortness of breath and fatigue from heart failure. Increases the blood flow to the kidney, plays the role of urine remover. It can benefit in mild and moderate heart failure. In addition, a mixture made of isotope, valerian and hawthorn tea is widely used in Germany for the same purpose. It should be applied under the supervision of a doctor as it can make dangerous poisonings on the necessary doses. The plant is irritating and toxic. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
Scilla Maritima is a plant species of the Lilyaceae family, which grows in southern parts of South Asia and the Balkans. There are long and pointed-looking leaves of the Stream. It has green and white veined flowers. The onion of the plant is located in the lowest part of the leaves and is poisonous.

The majority of organic acids are found in the salvia plant, including saponin, tannin, mucilage and a large number of glycosides. Some of these substances may be useful to the human body, but other substances are very harmful.

- Onion parts of the onion plant are collected in autumn season. The middle parts of the onions are finely sliced ​​and dried in a place away from moisture. Dried onions are thoroughly pounded and pulverized and usually mixed with honey, vinegar and olive oil.

Scilla Maritima Benefits

- It is good for inflamed areas, effective in reducing inflammation.

- It works and softens the intestines, has the effect of urine remover.

- Good for painful areas when used alone.

- It is effective in the treatment of ringworm, even believed to have a hair remover effect.

- Heart strengthening effect is available. It is also used in heart medications.

- Reduces shortness of breath.

- Do not use kidney patients. It can trigger kidney stones and cause pain to increase.

- The island onion should be used with caution because it is a poisonous plant and should be used with the help of an expert if possible.

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