What is rusheym? The benefits of rusheym

Wheat germ or wheat fruit known as ruseym; the top part of wheat;
Ruşeym is a food source that is not known in the wheat and surprised by its benefits.
There is a serious protein, magnesium and mineral in rusheymin which is at risk of getting lost when wheat is processed.

What is Rousseum (rusheym)?

germ; at the top of the wheat is called the embryo. germ; unfortunately it is decomposed during the milling of wheat to be the most vitamin and richest part of the wheat core. In other words, wheat germ is the embryos of the wheat seed that is separated in the milling process.
It is located at the tip of a portion close to the back and spike axis of wheat grain and is involved in the emergence of a new plant.
Wheat germ makes up 2-3% of the whole grain and as we say it is one of the most sought-after foods of recent years. The rate of food suitable for food use is maximum 0,5%.

Attention to those who have gluten sensitivity

The nutritional value of the following note for the benefit of the fall is fall; There is a significant amount of gluten in rusheymin. Therefore, gluten sensitivity should be considered as a nutrient. If you also have celiac disease, you should remove gluten-containing foods from your diet. Gluten meal leads to disruption of digestion and absorption; It causes inflammation and damage in the cells as a result of immunological reactions in the small intestine. As a result of this damage, digestion and absorption of nutrients will deteriorate, diarrhea and lack of some substances in the body occur with time.

Did you know that 1 tonne of wheat has not been counted as a benefit, and only 1 kg of wheat is obtained.

According to experts, wheat germ has an excellent nutritional value as a nutritional supplement. Fiber and healthy fats (2 tablespoons per square meter of approximately 1.5 grams of unsaturated fat, 9 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, there are 2 grams of sugar and about 60 - 70 kcal of energy) as well as a wonderful herbal protein source.
Along with urea 3 fatty acids, it also contains good magnesium, zinc, iron, niacin, folate, vitamin B6, potassium, sodium and phosphorus.
Here are the benefits of the vitamin store:

Helps the body fight diseases

The vitamins are rich in vitamins and have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are known to reduce free radicals in the body. It is a natural antioxidant source and it protects the body against germs.
When Rusheym is depleted with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, it can help your body to achieve the antioxidants it needs to prevent chronic diseases and achieve a better overall health.

Strengthens the immune system

Herbal origin 'Alpha-tocapherol' named as rich in vitamin E vitamin, while energizing complex carbohydrate structure, strengthens the immune system.

Also known as heart friendly

Research suggests that it can help your heart and cardiovascular system stay healthy. Research shows that cereals can reduce the risk of heart disease and help maintain a healthy weight.
It contains plenty of vitamin B, vitamins, folate and thiamine, which nourish your blood supply by accelerating the blood flow. On the other hand, 'oktakosanol', which is also mentioned in the article, decreases the level of LDL, which is also defined as malignant cholesterol.
Therefore, consuming rich nutrients is one of the most effective measures to be taken against serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke.

Balances blood sugar

Rusheymin also known to balance blood sugar. The abundant fiber contention is of particular interest to vegans, especially those with diabetes and no animal food.

Diets are also preferred

Because of the fiber is also often preferred in diets.
Wheat germinate because of slow oscillation in the blood provides long-term energy, keeping the blood sugar level under control gives a long-term feeling of fullness. This may help to weaken.

Prevents cancer

Rousseum can help reduce risk factors for many types of cancer. Due to the richness of vitamin E, the strength of the cell membrane increases. It is effective in protecting cells and reducing the risk of cancer.
According to a research conducted in 2018, it was revealed that fermented germ may be a promising component in the treatment of cancer. While further research is needed to assess the efficacy of wheat germ in cancer treatment, studies have shown that it can provide potential protection against cancer.

Muscle is important for muscle health

One of the best protein sources in the diet may be preferred.
Protein is a whole to protect healthy muscles, repair damaged tissues, regulate energy levels in the body and help with homeostasis and overall system balance. Protein is also a basic dietary requirement for people who want to be in form and to increase muscle mass.
Ruşeym has the function of regulating and strengthening the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous system and digestive system.

Ruşeym is also recommended for pregnant women R

Rusheym plays an important role in the development of the baby during pregnancy. Ruşeym, which is rich in folic acid, is seen as a valuable nutrient for the physical development of infants and children.

Also useful for the nervous system

Rusheym rich in omega-3 fatty acids; also useful in the nervous system. Balancing the nervous system also raises your mood and energy by reducing stress and anxiety levels. Nutritional experts also found that the presence of vitamin B6 in rusheymin also increases the concentration says.

Help with skin problems Cilt

Thanks to its iron content, it is also recommended for those who have skin problems. Rusheymin allegedly treated various skin problems, including rejuvenating dead cells and tissues. When regularly eaten, proteins and vitamins in wheat germ can positively affect people with psoriasis, sunburn, eczema.

Strengthens hair follicles

CC2376 Dark-haired woman being sad, because of having problems with hair loss
It also strengthens your hair roots thanks to the vitamins it contains. Regular consumption of raspberry prevents hair loss; combats dandruff and protects the scalp.

How should I eat?

You can consume the benefits by adding fresh or dried fruits and fruit salads. You can also add cold milk, yogurt, soup or salads.
It can also be added to some granolas, cereals and corn bread. It is a popular flavor for fruit pies, yogurt, ice cream and hot or cold cereals.
You can use it as a spice in meals.
Source: poxox lists


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