What is Rousseum (Rusheym ) ? How to obtain ? How is consumed?

Wheat is an old nutrient until at least human history. It has the power to meet a large part of our daily energy needs alone. Very hearty and tastes yummy! In addition to these features, it has become a food that has recently been avoided, especially those with gluten allergy. However, there is no other known miracle within the wheat, which is very unknown and surprised by its benefits. You will hear the name of this miracle more often lately. In many parts of the world and in our country, we will talk about the ruseym. Rusheym what is, how to consume, such as answers to questions, ruşeyim know what is the benefits of food more often if you want to eat, everything you are looking for is hidden in our article. A small note: Rusheymin contains a significant amount of gluten. Celiac patients and those with gluten sensitivity and babies under 6 months may need to consult a specialist before consuming them.

What is Rousseum? How to obtain ?
Rusheym is a food source obtained from wheat. Ruşeym, the top of the wheat, wheat grow and multiply the part that provides germination. When wheat is processed, ruseymi can disappear and therefore it may be difficult to benefit from its benefits. Therefore, it has to be obtained and protected in the right conditions. We can say that the life source of wheat. A small protein, magnesium and minerals are hidden in those tiny corners. Lately we have been on the agenda with a hearty and very healthy. Not to mention that it's very precious. Only 1 kilo of 1 tonne of wheat is obtained, so it is a very special nutrient. Come on, let's find out the benefits of health-wellness.

There are several times more fibers in wheat than wheat. That's why he's supporting the digestive system.
High levels of unsaturated fatty acids reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
As long as it is consumed in certain proportions, it keeps it tied and helps to weaken.
Since it is a herbal product, it does not contain cholesterol.
E, A, B1, B6 and most importantly in the care of folic acid is very rich.
It balances blood sugar, thus preventing sudden hunger and sweet crises. It reduces your desire to eat candy.
It makes you more energetic with vitamins and minerals.
Helps your hair and nails become stronger. Minimizes the complaints of hair loss.

What is Rousseum? How to obtain ?
Rusheym is tidy and full of food when you need it. It also prevents sudden hunger and blood sugar imbalances. In this way, weight control and helps to lose weight. However, it is useful to consume in controlled amounts. Rousseah does not lose weight alone. It is possible to see the benefits with regular nutrition and exercise. Therefore, it is imperative to pay attention to them when consuming. Otherwise, carbohydrate is a very high nutrient, and may even cause you to gain weight.

How is Rusheym consumed? Where is it sold?
You can eat rusks into the kefir, yogurt, milk by mixing. You can eat it just like oatmeal porridge and have breakfast in the morning. Besides, you can use powdered bread to make bread dough and prepare rich bread with protein and minerals. You can make more healthy cookies by putting them in your cookies.

You can also add them to your meals. If you wish, you can make your omelette more satisfying by putting wheat germ in your omelets. You can get Ruşeymi from the department stores that sell the healthy products of the big markets. You can also reach the shops selling healthy products.
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