What is quinoa, how is it consumed? Will quinoa lose weight?

The history of kinoa, which dates back a long time but has just settled on the new agenda, does not fall from languages with its food and especially with diet programs. So, what is quinoa and how is it used? Diet and weight loss with the name often called kinoa loss weight?
The quinoa has a lentil-like appearance with its grain-like appearance; The origin of the Andes is South America. Quinoa, which is one of the most popular products of recent times, has become the indispensable part of diet programs together with chia seed. So, are the kinoas that are so famous and do not fall from languages really help to lose weight? How is quinoa consumed, weakened? Here are all the details about quinoa .

What is quinoa, how is it consumed?

As we mentioned earlier, quinoa is similar to a grain but it is actually a plant. Quinoa, a member of the spinach family, is a food that the people of South America have been using for a long time. Until 2013, we know the name of the quinoa, which we do not know, NASA astronauts have been the occasion to satisfy the nutritional needs. The United Nations declared 2013 its quota year.

The quinoa plant, which is attracted by its fleshy leaves, is nutritious and the part of our news that can be eaten is the edible tiny seeds. Due to the fact that quinoa is not so much a problem of water and fertilizers, it is possible that the main sources of nutrients are the equivalent of wheat and rice.

Nutritional value of quinoa seed

Quinoa seed, which is the consumed part of the plant, attracts attention with its being a high nutritional source. Quinoa is an amino acid and protein source; It contains all of the 9 amino acids that the human body needs and which can only be removed by food supplementation. The absorption of kino amino acids is much greater than that of meat, which is the largest source of amino acid. Next to this; It contains vitamins, minerals and fibers, which are the number one key to weight loss.

 Vitamins A, B, C, D and K; Rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus minerals, quinoa contains miracle effects. At the same time, the content of quinoa is by no means cholesterol. How to consume quaint quinoa, which arouses curiosity with its rich content? What are the benefits of quinoa?
Kinoa is a source of diet and healthy living with its magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and dietary fiber content. In addition, a cup of boiled kinoa '222 kcal' has. Quinoa seeds with small miracles; edema, high blood pressure, digestion, weight loss and many other problems to prevent the key nutrients can be. Not only to lose weight, but also for health, giving importance to quinoa consumption can provide great benefits.

Here are the miracle benefits of 'quinoa' that will not end with counting;
It is easy to digest, thereby accelerating fat burning; low fat and easy to digest kinoa, weight loss can easily be applied to help food. It accelerates human metabolism 5-fold, thus contributing to a significant reduction in fat cells in the body. In this way, while the fat is burned, the nutritional value of foods is also preserved. Quinoa is also recommended for babies and children.

Eliminates bad cholesterol; it fights with cholesterol because it contains substances that burn all the bad cholesterol in the liver that cause obesity.

Delays aging; Kinoa promotes the release of growth hormones ((youth lar hormones) from the pituitary gland. This makes the skin look younger, prevents aging and improves sleep quality. In addition, the super oxide dismutase enzyme contained in the body of the skin to protect against wear, renew the tissues, thereby delaying aging.

Protein source for vegans; vegan nutrition is the most seen in people who choose the philosophy of life itself, the lack of meat and dairy products due to lack of protein is seen. Kinoa with protein content and valuable amino acids; vegan is a food that is recommended to those who live in anemia because of the high iron content.

Strengthens immunity, protects against diseases; With the content of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K; keeping the body strong and vigorous, it provides protection against diseases in seasonal transitions. It is also protective against spring allergy.

It is active on bones and teeth; Due to its rich calcium content, quinoa strengthens bones and teeth and is also rich in protein.
Slimming with quinoa

Recently, quinoa has become an indispensable part of diet programs;

* High amount of protein content,

* Toughness and cholesterol inhibition,

* Accelerate metabolism with rich calcium content,

* To prevent the formation of edema in the body,

* Contributing to sports and dieters by giving energy to the body,

* Protecting the health of muscles and bones in diet and sports,

* Diet for those who want to lose weight with the body's many nutritional needs without losing weight has been a good help.
Who can consume the quinoa? How to use?

Due to its easy digestion, quinoa is an ideal nutrient for all age groups from infants to the elderly. It is also an ideal food for vegetarians. Kinoa is also a suitable food for celiac patients with no gluten.

Recently, the main ingredients of all kinds of food, quinoa, is a delicious and light food. Quinoa can be added to the dishes as a side dish, can be used in soups and pilaf. It can be put into flour and put into cake, pastry and cookie dough. Quinoa cooked by scalding is a suitable component for salads. Besides, quinoa can be used in all kinds of food where bulgur and rice are used.


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