What is Mandragora autumnalis? What are the benefits?

It is a broad-leaved plant that grows bluish and purple flowers. It has always been thought to have a mysterious power. It has roots that are reminiscent of the human body. It is said that it takes its name and mysterious air from these roots.

It is a plant with intense poison effect due to nitrogenous substances it carries in its roots. Therefore, it is necessary to be very sensitive when using. Unconscious use should be avoided. As a painkiller, it has a serious effect on headaches. It is entraining and has a sleeping direction. It is also used against inflammation. The benefits are obvious, especially when used correctly in joint inflammations, muscle rheumatism and sciatica. It is also possible to talk about the sexual power-enhancing and weakening properties. Mandragora autumnalis root is used as powder. This powder can bring ointment consistency with very little alcohol or can be consumed by mixing with water. However, it can be very dangerous in extreme use. Poisons people in case of misuse. Side effects such as irritability, fatigue, insomnia, vision, skin rash and dry mouth can be seen as side effects. In further stages, it can lead to shortness of breath or even to death.


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