What is Mandragora autumnalis? How to use ? What is its Benefits ?

The name of the man grass plant among the people is human grass, Mandragora autumnalis grass, and Abdusselam grass. The Latin name is mandragora officinarum. This plant is purple-reminiscent color flowers, on the soil part of the leaf, root-type pile root, the root part is large and brown, with a 1 to 3-piece root, the color of the leaves dark green and the fruits of the red apple resemble a plant.
Where does the plant Mandragora autumnalis grow in?

This plant is a plant in the Anatolian region, especially in the bottom of the rocks and in the empty areas, especially in the fields that are not yet planted, in the South and Aegean regions and in the Mediterranean countries.

How to Use a Mandragora autumnalis Plant
The root part of the herbaceous plant is used. This plant is called the Mandragora autumnalis roots that are actually exhausted. Because these root parts are the same as a human. These roots are removed from the soil in the autumn months and then left to dry in the sun. The roots of this dried mandragora autumnalis are scraped and completely turned into powder. The powdered plant is mixed with clean water and then turned into ointment / cream and used externally.

What are the ingredients inside the plant Mandragora autumnalis?
Within this plant are atropine, hyoscyamin and scopolamine type alkaloids.

What are the Medical Effects of Mandragora autumnalis?
This plant completely eliminates exhaustion, is a spasm remover, pain relieving, vomiting, numbing and diarrhea. In order to benefit from these properties, up to 20 milligrams of plant dust is mixed with clean water at the same scale and drunk 3 times a day in intervals. If you are in trouble with your fatigue problem then you can examine how we get rid of fatigue.

This plant has a therapeutic feature for eczema. In order to take advantage of this effect, ointment / cream obtained from the fresh leaves of the plant extract or from the dry leaves of the plant and the wax mixture is used.

In old times, when the herb grass was to be used for therapeutic purposes, the same region of the root was used to prepare the drug. Because the roots of the Mandragora autumnalis resembled the same human. This plant is a plant that can cause dreams. Therefore, those who do not know this plant should never use this plant.

Benefits of Mandragora autumnalis: - Increases sexual desire. - Pain relief and soothing. - It has an enlarging effect on the pupils. - Treats eczema and similar skin diseases. - Provides resistance to the body. - It's good for constipation. - He treats urine burning. - Spasm relieving. - Can be used in the treatment of acne. Harm of the root of the carot: - It can cause hallucinations (delusions). - It's narcotics. - It is important to use in expert control. Otherwise, poisoning may occur.


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