What is the feeling of hunger? How does it occur?

Hunger is the name given to the body's desire to eat something that is stimulated by the brain due to inability to get the nutrients it needs. When a person does not consume foods that should be consumed daily, a feeling of hunger occurs. A balanced diet is required for a healthy body. Permanent sense of hunger can be caused by malnutrition of the person and the fact that the body does not receive the food that is needed. People who do not have a serious condition may also be exposed to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Each individual's body needs different nutrients. It is also important for your health to consult a specialist if the sensation of hunger reappears after a short time ago. The body needs to take minerals, vitamins and proteins. Unbalanced and undernourished can also be more severe. If there is a constant decrease in the sugar content in the blood, you may still face hunger.

Factors Causing Hunger

The sense of hunger varies according to the foods consumed in a healthy individual. For example; foods that are rich in carbohydrates are also very fast. The body also needs carbohydrate foods. But it is recommended to consume it in a balanced way. The person also takes control of the eating habits of hunger and satiety. In addition, if you do not have a serious disease that the body does not provide the nutrients you need to feel a sense of hunger. Fluctuations in hormones increase the sense of hunger.

Therefore, you can have a blood test by looking at your hormones and you can get a diet from your doctor. Sugar consumed in daily life again triggers a sense of hunger. A person who is fed a balanced and healthy diet can also have a feeling of hunger. In addition, if there is not enough fluid consumption, it can cause hunger. People who are under stress are often more likely to have a snack. Necessary unnecessary food consumption causes you to feel hungry. If you are consuming foods that are high in calories, you may face obesity.

What are the hungry food?

In particular, there has been a war against white bread consumption by experts. The nutritional value of the white bread wheat is very low because of its nutritional value and its fiber-rich portion. Carbohydrate is high in terms of how much you feel because of how fast you feel. Prepared fruit juices cannot meet the mineral and fiber needed by the person.

People who consume continuous juice can also experience the sensation of hunger. You can reduce the feeling of hunger by consuming your own fruit juices at home. Since the fibers are separated from the fruit juices, they do not give any benefit to the body. The fast-food style also causes hunger. Fast food breads are produced with white flour and high in sugar. The more you eat, the sooner you feel hungry again. Alcohol consumption triggers a person's sense of hunger. The leptin hormone, which gives the feeling of toughness, stops at alcohol consumption.

As a result of the decrease of leptin hormone, hunger occurs in the body and the need for eating arises. If alcohol is to be consumed, it must be next to red meat. Red meat gives toughness. It should also be consumed in plenty of water while consuming alcohol. It minimizes the harm of alcohol. Salted crackers and snacks are again used for food. In particular, it is determined that the rate of carbohydrates is high in salt.

With the help of an expert on nutrition, you can avoid the feeling of hunger by consuming the food groups your body needs. In order to prevent the feeling of hunger, consuming the necessary nutrients creates a feeling of satiety for a long time. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary and unbalanced nutrition.


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