What is the cause of soil odor after rain?

We love this fragrance in the soil after the rain. It doesn't tell, it's a complete experience. Well, have you ever wondered why?
the name of this fragrance is petrichor. in fact, there are a lot of reasons, but

1. soil fungi and primarily actinomycetes. When the soil is hot and humid, this microorganism produces a lot of breeding breed called spore, the rain that raises these particles from the soil, and these particles that come into contact with breathing cause the smell we feel after rain. The reason is that the sports combined with the increased humidity due to rain can serve as an aerosol.

2. The rain is acidic due to the chemicals in the atmosphere. When it falls to the ground, an aromatic reaction usually develops due to this acidic structure. an unpleasant smell. the smell of this fragrance, the first rain is overpowered, as the rain continues to reduce the depletion and depletion of fat bodies on the surface.

3. Another reason is the oils that are deposited on the rocks and stones, and the plants and trees are secreted. these aromatic oils turn into gaseous rain and generally cause a pleasantly defined odor in the environment.

After all, some of us loved this smell, the other group after the rain, the odor of the reason for not finding these factors. Since the raining time, duration and the environment will change the factors mentioned above, the odor characteristic will also be affected.

in summary every rain does not smell the same.

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