What is adrenaline hormone?

Adrenaline is a type of hormone that is mentioned in more exciting and frightening situations, and is secreted by adrenal glands. In medical science, this hormone is used in medical procedures such as opening the bronchi, stopping bleeding, and narrowing the vessels.
Adrenaline hormone, which causes blood sugar to rise, has a wide variety of effects in the body when it is secreted. Relaxation of bronchial smooth muscles, dilation of heart muscle vessels, increase in blood pressure, contraction power of heart muscles, heart rate per minute, increase in blood glucose rate and metabolic rate as a result of acceleration of glycogenolysis in the liver are some effects that may occur when the adrenaline hormone is secreted in the body.

Hypoglycemia, a prominent stimulant of adrenergic receptors in the sympathetic nervous system, which is one of the nervous system types, is secreted in adrenal glands, which are released in response to stress or some stimuli. The control of the adrenalin hormone secreted in the adrenal glands is mainly provided by the brain. In cases of trauma, stress, shock, and extreme shock, this hormone is secreted into the blood by a very high proportion of the brain. This can be dangerous to the body. Because the adrenaline hormone involved in the blood can lead to increased blood pressure and reflexive increases in respiration and heart rate. This situation may present a dangerous situation especially for blood pressure patients. The main task of the hormone adrenaline secreted in adventure and extrem events is to prepare the organism for emergency movements. While this preparatory action takes place, the hormone is also present in the body, in some processes in the organism. These are the delivery of blood from the internal organs and from the skin to the muscles, the conversion of glycogen in the liver to glucose and the increase in heart rate. The purpose of these processes provided by adrenaline is to provide an immediate source of energy to the organism.
In some cases, the secretion of this hormone secreted in conditions such as stress, fear and shock is very high. These situations are excitement and fear situations. While these conditions occur, noradrenaline is secreted in the body and the organism is calmed down. In addition to this calm, blood vessels expand. Increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, growth of pupils and increased blood sugar are other events that occur when adrenaline is secreted. When these hormones are secreted, the organism is being alerted to the dangers. When we look at the time of the discovery of the hormone adrenaline in history, 1894 comes before us. This year, adrenaline was discovered. Noradrenaline, which has a calming effect, is another hormone that was discovered a little later in 1949. These two hormones are in the same category. The name of this category is the class of substances called catecholamine. Adrenaline has an important feature. This hormone is the first hormone produced by the synthesis method in the laboratory environment. Nowadays, these hormone-like substances are produced and used in medicine as medicine. Some of these drugs are metharaminol, phenylephrine and ephedrine.
The release rates of noradneral's hormone differ in humans and animals. For example, if the adrenalin cats and lions have an equal rate, 85% of adrenalin is secreted in cattle and rabbits. This rate is 90% in humans. This ratio is 100% for whales known for its warmth.
Adrenalin Hormone Treatment Areas
* For some reason, the heart stopped, adrenaline treatment is applied. First, a long needle through the chest wall into the space called the heart ventricle is entered and adrenaline is injected here. With this method, a standing heart can be restarted. * Adrenaline hormone is also used during surgery. During surgery, adrenalin is added to the veins located in the operation area and the vessels are contracted. At the same time, this process leads to a decrease in blood loss. * This hormone is added to regional anesthetic based substances at a certain rate, and so the numbness continues. Adrenaline hormone secreted by adrenal glands secretes fear, anger, and excitement in the event of the brain secreted by the brain. In these cases, blood transfer to vital organs is more comfortable and extra power is provided.
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