What are the reasons why Germany is a powerful state today?

Germany, which is one of the largest economies in the world, with a current surplus of 300 billion dollars per year. There are several reasons why it has become this. We have compiled the comments of the authors of the dictionary.
After World War II, America has taken the course after World War II and made a benevolent victor (victorious victor) after World War II. In the first world war, along with war reparations, Germany became such that, even without the money, the assemblies could not function. The atmosphere of this intense scarcity, combined with the young people who had their expectations and demands of life, gave way to the rise of a new Reich, a radical ideology like Nazism.

America made serious investments to Germany after World War II, just as it did to Japan, leaving the capital needed for the industry to come. it has already provided the necessary resources to stand up to this society, which does not have a shortage of doctors and engineers. moreover, it was able to receive its own investment in a generation. and most importantly, it was able to make historical alliances that could become historical antagonisms. Today America's policy makes the world a much more peaceful place (compared to its alternative). but from the end of the cold war in the Middle East unfortunately this benevolent could not mimic the Victor policy. the Christian ummah was approached by a stupid policy, and the Middle East became the present-day hell, as it was when they were ruled under visionless and ultra-nationalist, religious, right-wing leaders. If the nixons had been continued with the Kenneds instead of the bushes, today perhaps the face of the whole world would be completely different.
Before World War II
Germany is currently a very developed country, and is not a big power in terms of volume and size. but there have been very long periods of great power in the past. Let us summarize briefly ... Germany has always been the central kingdom of the continental Europe since the disintegration of Rome and has fought with France. it is a complete land empire. While the ocean and coastal countries (British-Spanish-Portuguese-Dutch) conquered the world, the control of the continental Europe has always been in the Germans. Germany was much stronger than before the 1st world war. the golden era begins with the 1871, when bismarck reintroduced all the german kingdoms, leaving out Austria and ended in 1914, when the first world war began. In 1914, the war was not the only superpower of the period, as it was thought. because at that time Germany was Europe's biggest economy. the world's second largest economy (after the US). 70% of all inventions, inventions, innovations in the modern era, including the past 19th century, are called Germans. among them the most organized from the military organization to the social security system, from philosophy to literature and to every field of science. this period is roughly the period of the imperial empire, which began in 1814, when the Napoleon destroyed the holy Roman-german empire and continued until 1871, and between 1871-1914. the source of this is universities. If the world's best universities today are American-British schools, the best universities 100 years ago were German-language schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. the language of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and philosophy. Until the 2nd World War, most of the works were given in German. When all the human resources of German universities went to the USA because of social problems, fascist movements and wars, the center of science returned to the USA from Germany. Nowadays, the master's degree programs of the unique American universities that produce all the world technology have been given to protestant and Jewish lecturers from Germany. this is the case even today.
Not only Germany but almost all Germanic and Scandinavian characters are strong in terms of the character characteristics of the geography man, the reason is that they are actually intelligent logical people. the people of this geography are: - disciplined, prescriptive, obeying the rules. it is not acceptable if you cannot go late to a norwegian or german or danish. or if a job ends in 3 days, the work can take up to 3.5 days if they say they take blood. so you have to do your job quickly and smoothly, you do not have the luxury of losing. - is rigid and numb. Emotional folks like us are not always behave with logic. also nobody is sincere, everyone is distant from each other. they do not live by trusting the parents because there is no concept of family. at the funeral of the funeral they do not burn, nervous breakdowns like us, for example. - stubborn, hardworking and determined. these men have to be resilient because they are cold geography people, they have to be stubborn. At 60 years old my father-in-law makes a 10-kilometer jog a day at -15 degrees in winter. For example, in Germany 8 hours of overtime is a maximum of 2-3 breaks of 15 -0 minutes. phone in the hands if you mix facebook put in front of the door. You give your salary. - life philosophy is different from ours. Since they did not give importance to spirituality as eastern societies, they devoted their time to things different from religious elements and developed in earthly works. - systematic, planned, uncertainty does not delight. You will move home for example 3 months in advance, you rent a place, you will get to work 4 months after you go to the job interview or something. - individual. man of this geography is usually alone, loneliness is actually a useful thing. no thinker, philosopher, scientist can not be productive in family life. While sitting next to the lady, what are you going to think when you're walking around in kids, what innovation you'll do, how you'll discover a mathematics series, for Christ's sake? - selfish. nobody shares much with anyone. If you are going to have a cup of coffee, take your cake with the biscuit, the German payment method is real. no one can not get through the back of anyone because they are not emotional, as you work, you'll try to crack, no one does not hurt or you. all of this has brought these men to the level of contemporary civilization with the effect of natural selection. Look around you at work, you will see many useless men, our country is full of employees does not deserve. many self-educated, well-educated men are handcuffed 3 penny jobs. Germany is not strong in fact, we are very lazy.


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