What are the effects of television in the cognitive development of infants?

As a result of the researches on television watching children under 2 years of age, the harms of television were revealed. This amusement tool, which is used only for stalling children, can cause different problems.
While watching television is detrimental to babies' brains, noticeable slowing is observed especially in cognitive development. The television, which seems to be a very normal behavior for unconscious parents, unfortunately shows a rapidly increasing trend today.

As a result of the research, approximately half of babies have been introduced to television without watching 6 months old and watching videos in different formats. The experts investigating the question of dir What are the harmful effects of television on babies? found that the cognitive development of brain growth, especially in infants up to 3 years of age, has slowed down. Since the images on the television are different from the real life, that is, they can enter into confusion. This process can create problems especially in the first 2 years and it is possible for the child to see 2 dimensional images in the normal world after 2 years of age. The television used by the infants to keep their time consumed while eating, or the mothers to do their household chores, was negatively affected by the language development in children and short-term memory and reading skills. Although the damages of the television on the child are not only due to the size differences, the communication of the children with the environment from the newborn can be interrupted. When the child watches television, communication with the parents will be interrupted. In the case of parents who do this with the baby, of course they cannot establish the communication they need and their contact and contact with their children is negatively affected. When watching television, approximately 770 words are used per hour, while in normal time this number will be 940 words and babies will have more learning opportunities. After 2 years of age, watching TV will be a bit flexible, and the choice of programs will be highlighted. Children over 2 years of age should follow the well-prepared educational programs.
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