What are the Benefits of Carob Flour? Where to Use?

In this article we will talk about the usage areas and benefits of the carob flour you hear frequently. The carob flour you will use in the recipes will serve as a sweetener for sugar as well as for the color that cocoa sees. A spoonful of carob bean flour with countless benefits is only 25 calories. It can be used instead of sugar and cocoa especially in your cake recipes.

Goat horn, phosphorus, calcium and vitamin E are rich in terms. It contains a high degree of mineral. It contains A, B group and D vitamins. Gallic acid contained in carob is a substance with numerous benefits on human health. Respiratory tract, anemia, flu and bone melting good.
Carob powder or carob flour carob (carob) of the drying, milling and roasting of the processing of the process is obtained as a result of successive processing. The plant collected from the tree is washed first and then dried first. These dried carob bean pieces are ground into powder by grinding them by appropriate methods.

The locust bean flour produced by grinding the groundworm after it has been separated from its kernels has numerous benefits:

It is suitable for asthma, bronchitis and flu infections.
It has a significant amount of antioxidant properties. It is therefore used to treat a wide range of diseases.
Scientifically proven to be good for cholesterol
Helps digestive system strengthens stomach, reduces the risk of stomach diseases.
It protects against intestinal infections and prevents intestinal cancer.
It provides repair of damaged cells in the body.
Protects against allergic diseases.
It has protective properties against cardiovascular diseases.
It is effective against bone resorption diseases. It contains a high proportion of calcium, thus promoting bone development and protection in both children and adults.
It is highly effective against sperm shortage in males.
It protects the nervous system and has the feature of developing intelligence in children. It allows brain cells to be renewed.

Use of Carob Powder
The use of carob powder can be used in recipes using cocoa and sugar as described above.

Those who have a bread machine in their home can add the walnut and cinnamon together with carob flour to their bread and make the bread into a healing store.

Another answer to the question of how to use carob powder is in the form of carob beans. So, how to drink carob powder? Carob powder can be consumed by mixing with hot water or milk and enriched with different flavors such as vanilla and coffee. These blends prepared with carob powder will be a delicious drink you will consume with pleasure as well as a natural healing store.
In addition, people with no weight problems can be consumed by mixing with honey or grape molasses.

Food and food prepared for babies is definitely a must-have.
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