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We look at the strange disease called lupinecephal encephalitis that emerged after the First World War and suddenly disappeared after it caused serious troubles.
lethargic encephalitis is an epidemic that suddenly fades away after the sudden emergence of Europe in the end of the first world war.

In 1916, this unusual brain disorder was brought to the attention of the veteran neurologist and psychiatrist constantin von economo. economo, the disease used today called lethargic encephalitis. patients with this brain infection came to the psychiatric clinic with various strange symptoms.

some patients fell into a sleepy drowsiness for several days; some were catatonic, staggering for hours or days in unnatural situations; others were under the influence of uncontrolled excitement accompanied by crises that manifested themselves in involuntary movements. the patients were either drowning asleep (or sleep-like things), or were constantly losing their sleep.

patients suffering from various sleep conditions; as he sat, sleeping, even walking or eating, all the symptoms of yawning and fatigue. serious cases, however, lasted for weeks or months, could become a permanent sleep. on the other hand, the patients with hyperkinesia rotate on the bed, throw the comforter over them, pull them over again, sit wildly, throw themselves on the bed, then jumps out of bed, aimlessly walks over there, breaks down their conversations, kicks tongue and whistles; this restlessness lasts days and nights without stopping.
many have succumbed to this strange disease, some have been healed, and several have been left to live in the twilight of a state of bad arousal and inactivity for decades, as unforgettable as described by oliver sacks in his book awakenings.

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