Very Interesting Pregnancy Test of Women in Ancient Egypt

The amazing discoveries of the Egyptians in the past are a little more surprising every day. Even before Christ, the Egyptians, who now find many things that can be done today, with their own intelligence, could even test women for pregnancy. Moreover, these tests were examined and verified years later.
issues of ancient Egyptian civilization. example: in ancient Egypt, a test was developed to estimate whether the baby in the womb of a pregnant woman is a girl or a boy. wow amk! the method now, pregnant women a few days wheat and barley seeds are made to urinate.

If only wheat sprouts, baby girl, if only barley sprouts, both of them are not pregnant if the baby does not sprout, the woman is not pregnant.
2000 years ago, how did you find it with a coincidence or study? I never go into the pyramid subject I say ramses mamses! moreover, the broken-headed Swiss scientists and the Norwegian fishermen conducted a study in 1963 to understand the accuracy of this test described in a very old papyrus. Swiss scientists found that this method yields 70 percent correct results in their findings. norwegian fishermen are not yet known where they took part in the experiment.


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