Unknown about the sword and story of Damocles

The Sword of Democles is only one of the idioms which are frequently used by the columnists of the newspapers, but which are frequently used by the writers of newspapers. This statement, which has a historical basis, seems insignificant like all idioms that have become linguistic because of the continuous or insincerity of the valuable but insincere persons who have the characteristics of a deyim vital Tarihi lesson. In this conflict, it remains a phrase that is not deemed necessary to go into research and its source.
We're reaching Sicily
This phrase, which is famous for the transfer of Chichero, one of the famous historians of Rome; In the 4th century, an event on the Island of Sicily in Italy is entered on the historical pages.

In this geography, the Greek city of Siracusa, one of the brightest states of the period. According to Cicero, the largest Greek city and also the göre most beautiful iç city.
The period in which the marvel prevailed
According to the legend, King Dionysus, the leader of Siracusa, was one of the strongest kings of the time. One hand in oil, one hand in honey. Thus, the external ministers envy this situation; … Ah ulan kıv eri writhing in their drink. In addition to being a very rich, strong and feared personality, this king, who never smiles, takes on a curious mysterious role. Aside from collecting attention, nobody comes out; "King, why are you not laughing?"
Democles taking care of the king
Democles, the hero of our event, enters the palace as a close friend and advisor of King Dionysos and makes a good observation. He realizes this situation of the king, but his attitude is insignificant. So you are a position that is appreciated by the king and your power. It's not unfair. A glorious palace, tens of servants, a huge army and a rich country ay What more? In this scene in which the king plays the leading role, Democles continues his mission within the emulations of Dem I'm in his place Dem Dem. But it's not like that.
The other side of the coin
As for the democles, the king always comes to the king's offer to relocate. Offer open; Democles will replace the king for a short time. There is only one condition; he will act like a king and feel himself like a king and take steps accordingly. The king orders that all preparations be carried out completely and that Democles is the new ruler who resides in his place, and he then makes the transfer. Democles are king now. We hung the hanged, we cut the cut and nobody can even connect it. All the pleasure escapes when Democles raises his head up while he is busy trying to taste the palace and the power.
Sword dangling down in ponytail
When he looks upwards he realizes a sword facing down on his own full. This sword is tied to a ponytail. So he's going to fall. Democles fled to enjoy the color to continue to continue to routine, but there is a sword in your brain. When the king asks the sword why he stands on his own, the answer he gets makes clear why the king Dionysus did not. That sword is a weapon that makes mistakes and makes the punishment of executives who cannot fulfill their duties. If the king on his throne is not worthy of his duty, he must settle for the sword to take his head.
Open proposition
Here is the meaning of this phrase, which is used in the language of today's politicians. This proposition draws attention to a correct proportion between titles and positions and their results. Be the administrator, the government can be managed, wars can be declared. But the mistakes that abuse his position and which directly affect the governor during his term should not go unpunished. The judiciary is a reference to those hidden in his conscience.


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