Traditional Houses of Koreans What to Know About Hanok

The traditional houses of South Korea are named Hanok. The technology used in these houses has been the same for centuries and is still valid.
hanok is the name used for the traditional houses of the correlations.

Korean architecture takes into account the harmony of the building with the surroundings, the area to be built and the seasons when determining the position of the house. The interior design of the building is planned in the same way. The principle, called baesanimsu, ideally requires a river in front of a mountain behind the house. In order to be comfortable in the cold season, the house must be heated (ondol), and in the hot seasons, the house must have a wide front (daecheong) to keep it cool.
houses vary by region. In the cold northern regions, they are constructed in a closed square to keep the heat inside. The houses in the inner regions are "l". in the southern regions, they are in the form of "i". houses can also be classified according to social status and location.
heating and cooling systems used in traditional korean houses are at peace with nature. Thanks to the wooden material, it does not keep the house warm during the house heating thanks to the pipes circulating in the house floor. centuries ago, this technique was so successful that it is still used in houses today. The glass and doors are covered with Hanji, the traditional paper of Chora. The paper is made waterproof by polishing with bean oil. thus, the house looks nice and the air can enter.
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