The smart films can instantly darken and change color

Smart glasses can be used in homes and offices and can be transparent or opaque when electric current is applied. It is a very useful and expensive technology. But Sonte Film has developed a wireless smart window film that can be managed with a smart phone thanks to the newly developed film. Thanks to this film you can convert the glass you want to smart glass. In this way, just a touch of your window darkens and can perform the task of the curtain. The best part of this film is the ability to convert the surface to which it adheres
Unlike many smart glass kits, this kit is easy to set up. Thanks to the special film, you can cut the glass properly to replace the glass. Like the film you filmed on the same cell phone, it sticks electrostatically on the glass and holds it firmly. The probe combines a thin Wi-fi transformer cable that can be twisted by creating a coin-sized condenser handle. The transparency of the glass can be easily controlled with your iPhone or Android phone after the film is placed. Perhaps the best part of the movie is that it will save you from the pitch. Thanks to this you will be able to close your windows instantly.

This special film also cuts UV rays and saves lighting. Your house can be dim when you want it bright at any time. When you switch to opaque mode, the screen can be used in home theater or office presentations by using it as the projector screen. However, the system is still not perfect. The film, which cuts the transparency of the glass even in full transparent mode, cuts 30% of the light. In the most opaque state,%% light is in. Developers hope they can provide a better opacity in the future. Sonte Film also offers a Kickstarter promotion. The company, which plans to send its first orders in September, will be available at prices starting from $ 65. For now, 50 x 50 cm ($ 65) and 1 x 2 m ($ 374) priced movies will be released. In addition, wi-fi transformer, transmission clip, cables, cleaning kit and easy to open and close features are specified.

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