The rebellion with a great role in the independence of Ireland: The Easter Revolt of 1916

Starting in 1916 with the Dublin Post Office and the occupation of a few key points, the Easter Rebellion played a key role in Ireland's struggle for independence, even though it was a failed rebellion.
The Easter Rebellion is a rebellion that has failed as a military rule against the British administration. It was organized on the Easter Monday of April 1916. The rebellion is famous for the fact that the militant republicans wanted to take control of Ireland and to leave the United Kingdom.

Revolutionary initiative between the dates of April 24-30, 1916, the irish volunteers member teacher and lawyer padraig pearse and irish citizen army member james connolly seized the key points of dublin and the independent republic of ireland was established against the united kingdom started. Hundreds of people lost their lives as a result of the intervention of the British government. 3000 people were arrested and 15 people (those who planned the revolution) were executed. only michael collins survived and laid the foundations of ira. this event is of great importance in ireland independence.
- padraig pearse  - thomas clarke  - thomas macdonagh  - joseph mary plunkett  - edward daly  - william pearse  - michael o'hanrahan  - john macbride  - eamonn ceannt  - michael mallin  - cornelius colbert  - sean heuston  - sean macdermott  - james connolly  - thomas kent  - sir roger casement
easter rebellion began on April 14, 1916 with the reading of the following statement.
"to the people of ireland: irishmen and irishwomen, in the name of god and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom." 
Germany's sending of twenty thousand rifles, ten mitralists and five million rounds of arms assistance to the Irish sea and the British army and fleet to engage in a large German offensive has failed to take place.
we cannot say that the easter uprising still failed completely
The independence of the celtic nationalist intelligentsia led to the nationalism of the Irish people, and the war of liberation, which lasted between 1919 and 1922, coincided with our liberation war. despite his good intentions, british diplomacy of big hero cuchulainn'in born in the holy village of ulster lost to the great britain, also on top of the king vows of loyalty to the king michael collins and his gang and eamon de valera around the dissociation between the short duration of a domestic after the war, things were tied to sweet; eamon de valera was chosen as taoiseach from the fianna fail party.


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