The only relative of the Giraffe: Okapi

Okapi, like Zebra, with its striped legs, body resembling a horse and the only known relative of the giraffe, is a mixed animal.
The story of discovery Okapi is one of the most timid animals on Earth. The existence is so well preserved that it was understood by scientists at the beginning of the 20th century. an english explorer, sir harry johnston, set out for the end of the 1890s in the hope that he would be able to find a living creature that does not recognize the world of science when he learned of a strange animal in the congo valley of africa.

the natives gave him pieces of skin of the animal, showing the marks on the mud.
johnston didn't find the animal he wanted despite all his efforts; but in 1900 he went to Africa again to catch a living in the ocean. later, this new genre was given the scientific name "okapia johnstoni" by using the name of the locale and locator.
is a member of the giraffe. "giraffes" saying that you do not come to mind a large family of different kinds of animals, because this elite club has only two members: one we know giraffe, one of the mysterious, beautiful and mammal called okapi live. he is the only relative of the giraffe.
When we look at the distance, it is a giraffe-like image and zebra legs, but as we say, it is a giraffe. forest giraffe or short-necked giraffe is also mentioned.
The skin is dark chocolate color, and sometimes it shines red with light, all of its hind legs and some of its front legs have lines similar to those of the zebral. her legs are as long as the giraffe is not. males are horned, females are hornless. The dark blue tongues are also extremely long in an interesting way.
they live in one place in the world: the democratic republic of the congo. They are in the rain forests covering the north and east of the country (already the country with the largest rainforest in the world, and Africa's third largest country as an area).
The numbers are quite few, as you can imagine upon it. total 15.000-20.000 okapi live in total. therefore, they are at risk of extinction.
herbivores themselves; Almost all of these offspring who are active during the day and who earn their livelihood by eating grass, fruits and mushrooms, are desolate. they live alone and often wander in fixed regions and paths. you'll understand a lot of charismatic and mysterious. and no harm to anyone.
I hope that the next time the line is not fully exhausted and the world is not deprived of such beauty. I have a unicorn status.
an okapi puppy is as follows:


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